CMMC: February Close Up or Macro

This is a closeup of the Duke. I took the picture this afternoon. He’s not a happy camper right now with an infected bad ear — which I’m treating. It takes a few days and he hates getting treated. It isn’t painful, but it’s wet and cold. So he is also getting a lot of treats. That’s the part he likes.

The Duke as we enter February

When I zoomed in tightly on his face, I realized I could see the whole room in the reflection in his eye.

I wasn’t sure I could zero in on his eye this much. Surprise! it’s a very different view of the room than I have. Duke see’s almost as if his eye is a “fish-eye” lens. It’s not entirely shades of gray, but it has reduced color.

So, it’s a closeup — and a macro.

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  1. Poor boy! I hope he gets better soon.


  2. Duke’s a doll. I love the world through his eyes!


  3. What a cutie pie 😀 😀 Great close up of his eyes. 😀


    • I was amazed that the picture came out. I wasn’t using a macro lens, just a regular slight wide angle zoom. I think the light was just right. And yeah, he’s a cutie and he knows it, too.


  4. It’s an impressive view of the room — and an interesting discovery about his eye!


    • I didn’t know they had this “fisheye” view of the world. I wonder if all dogs see the same way or with each dog it’s slightly different. It’s really interesting. I know some dogs are far sighted and other are nearsighted, based on breed. The long-legged hunting dogs — Afghans, Borzoi, etc — are far-sighted and the shorter legged hounds — Basset, PBGV, etc. — are near=sighted. But those are all hunting dogs. I don’t know how all the OTHER dogs see — and do they ever need glasses you think?

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      • I’d bet that each dog sees slightly differently, just as each person does. There could be a difference based on breed too, as their faces are all different. LOL — I’m sure they might need glasses, but I wonder if anybody ever tried to accomplish that!


  5. I did everything except remember to actually publish this. Oops!


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