The Square Odds February 2, 2022

This photograph is odd and interesting. Garry took it from outside on the deck in a blizzard shooting through the storm door into the house. It’s full of reflection and refractions. You can see the woods reflected in the dark part of the image with the actual image mixed in.

I’ve been looking for the right place to put it — and I think I found it!

It looks black and white — everything looks black and white during snowstorms — but if you look there is an item with color: the hanging piece of a cat on the living room window.

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  1. Wonderfully fun shot Garry 😀

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    • He got what he was trying to get. Mostly what I had to do with it was crop it and give it a bit more contrast. Everything was there. It just needed trimming to make it more visible. I thought it was a really interesting picture. Squaring it was also entertaining 👀

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    • Thanks, Cee. It was a spur of the moment idea as I was taking blizzard pics.


  2. fantastic shot – love how you have captured it

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    • Garry saw it with all the reflections. My job was to trim the edges and sharpen it up a little bit. Not a lot — just enough so you could see the reflections. I sort of was saving it for the right moment. This seemed a “right moment” to me 😊

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    • Becky, thank you. As I mentioned above, it was a spur of the moment idea as I was taking all those blizzard pictures. “Spur of the moment” was part of my work style. Things/ideas pop up even as you are shooting other stuff. I’m so glad Marilyn with HER eye cleaned this up and made it work. Teamwork!

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