I seem to have come a ways since my first drawings. That’s good. If they weren’t getting better, there would be no point in continuing my “artistic career.”

This is one of my favorite feathered pals, the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

It isn’t a perfect rendition of this really interesting bird. One of the reasons this bird is so interesting is that no two of them are exactly alike. You can’t see it in this pictures because it’s taken from the front, but on their back, they have random patterns of white on very dark blue, almost black. It looks like stars and with that red breast? He looks a lot like a flying American flag. They are funny birds and make me laugh.

As artistic careers go, I think this one isn’t going very far, but at least it’s fun.

I thought I would want to paint, but I don’t. I prefer drawing maybe because I feel like I have more control over pencils than brushes. I’ve gotten intimate with my watercolor pencils. I could sort of paint with them, but usually, I use them dry. The paper in my sketchbook isn’t heavy enough to survive getting wet. To use anything wet, I’d have to change mediums and work with watercolor paper. Perhaps when I feel more confident, I’ll try getting “wet,” artistically speaking.

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  1. looks like it’s posing for you very nice drawing


  2. It does looks like a lady and bird together.
    the head is bird, the body is human and the tail leg are birds
    But that is good because they make you laught and so do I



    • This was a particularly funny one because he was just out of the nest and still had a lot of poky baby feathers. But there is something very funny about them anyway. The beak is really big and the body has almost random coloring, though it’s impossible to not recognize these birds. They are unique.

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  3. I think you have done very well with these, Marilyn. You certainly have a natural aptitude for drawing.


    • Thank you!! I’ve gotten such fantastic support from absolutely everyone I know online, it has been a huge encouragement. When I started doing this, I felt sort of silly, trying to learn something new at this age, but I’m really glad I did. Thank you with all my heart! it makes a difference. A big difference to get this kind of encouragement.


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