The Square Odds – February 2022

Birds with snowy beaks? A bird flying low so did this Cardinal see him? Or not? I love those snowy beaks. I hope the Cardinal doesn’t mind.

Hey, what’s that?
Wait, where are you going? Can I come too?
I thought I saw a bird fly by…
I was SURE I saw a bird. Maybe not.

Categories: Anecdote, Cardinal, Photography, snow, square, Winter

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16 replies

  1. so cute–and with that little punk hairdo!


  2. Cardinals are my favorites and the snow on his beak is precious! I wish to capture one with a camera just as this one day.


    • I’m not sure how the Cardinal felt about it, but I though he was awfully cute. And a youngster, too. We have something I thought I’d never see: TWO scarlet males hanging out at the same time on the deck. I think one is “pre-breeding” age and might be an offspring of the older, larger red male, but usually two males get near each other and they take to the air and fight it out. I’ll be interested to see if they continue to tolerate each other’s company.

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      • Two! I’ve never seen that either. There are times I’ve sat outside just waiting for a Cardinal to reappear. I realize there must be some oak reasons why I get a visit every now and then. I don’t take it for granted!


        • They usually fight. I think the smaller one is an offspring of the bigger one and until now, he hasn’t been ready to mate. But I noticed today they were beginning to squabble. I think childhood is ending for the little red guy.

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  3. Beautiful bird! We don’t see these around here but wish we did. I know they are used to cold weather, but I still feel sorry for them. πŸ™‚


  4. WOW Marilyn! What fantastic shots of this beautiful guy!! Lucky you to have such a vibrant visitor. Like an early Valentine!


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