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  1. Those Grackles. I’ve read that they can take over- and are hard to get rid of.
    They only ‘pass through’ here, so we enjoy them.


    • They usually pass through but they seem to like our place. It can’t just be our feeders. There’s not enough food in those feeders for that many birds. I think it’s the acorns. It’s an oak woods and they drop thousands of pounds of acorns annually. There is a LOT of food in that wood plus there are rivers very nearby. The Blackstone is just a quarter of a mile away and we have a little pond on our property. There also a feeding station just across the street. Between us, the guy across the street, and the approximately 60 acres of open oak woodlands, it’s a very attractive place for them.

      They may decide to travel on. If not, I will have to give up feeding. I can’t manage so many creatures. They are beautiful and they deserve a place to live — and it is getting harder and harder to find a place for them to nest. I think they are looking to move in. If they do, I have no problem with them being here, but I can’t feed them. I don’t have the resources. I really wish I did because Grackles are beginning to disappear. I think we’ve got the biggest flock anyone has seen in a while. There were millions more of them just a few years ago — a 300% decrease in population in less than five years.


  2. wow what a great shot


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