The Square Odds – February 2022

Whether it’s a drawing or a photograph, this young Rose-Breasted Grosbeak makes me laugh. Those hooded eyes, the seed hanging out of his mouth. And of course, he is a baby with even more mottled coloring than the “grownup” birds.

No matter how many times I look at these photographs, I still laugh. The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak — again.

When I drew him — from a different photograph — this is how he came out.

You can only see one foot because the other is behind his tail. I don’t know how he does this.

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  1. I can see why you love these pictures, Marilyn.


    • They really do make me laugh. AND they look like a flag. I don’t think there are a lot of them and they don’t form flocks, so I always feel lucky when they show up and I’m there to see them 🙂


  2. Great shot, and love the sketch too


    • If birds can be comedic, this one was a standup comic on our stage. They always look like they are grinning at you, too. I’m pretty sure they are nesting in our woods, but they don’t come by as often as I’d wish.

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      • how wonderful though to have them nesting near by


        • We have a pretty unsullied woods and it’s reasonably large. How long it will stay this way is anyone’s guess. We only own 2.5 acres of it. The rest of the land belongs to the state and I hope they don’t do something awful to it. They make such bad decisions — like clear cutting acres of land to put up “solar farms,’ the realizing that they’ve destroyed the wetlands and killed off a lot of creatures — and they can’t put the trees back. So far, we are obscure enough to be left in peace. So far so good.

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    • This baby was a total goofball, but even the full-grown ones are funny. They don’t come by often — just a few times a year. But they must be nesting nearby or we wouldn’t be getting to see the just-out-of-the-nestlings. They are always the funniest with their baby feathers still poking out of their feathers. I wish they’d drop by more frequently, but I’m always glad to see them 😀

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