NO — It Was NOT “Legitimate Discourse”!!!

Passing this along won’t change anything, but it seems — literally — to be the least I can do.

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The Republican Party is claiming that the events of January 6th were merely “legitimate political discourse.”  Naturally, I disagree … strongly disagree.  But it isn’t enough for me to say I disagree … if I have a point, I must prove my point.  First, let us dissect that phrase with a few short definitions …

Legitimate:  accepted by the law as rightful

Political:  relating to the government or the public affairs of a country; relating to the ideas or strategies of a particular party or group in politics

Discourse:  written or spoken communication or debate

The first word alone, ‘legitimate,’ is enough to render this entire phrase as applied to January 6th 2021 wrong.  On that day, in the U.S. Capitol, a violent mob entered the building unlawfully and then proceeded to destroy taxpayer’s property, to steal taxpayer’s property, to threaten a…

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  1. Many thanks for the re-blog, Marilyn! I greatly appreciate it!


  2. I also reblogged Jill’s post. It said it all.

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  3. We all there knew there were corrupt and dishonorable people in politics. But to this extent? Shows how very, very far these people have fallen. How do they look their kids in the face? There’s not even a pretense of integrity over there any more. Yet they would willingly impose this upon the American people for purely personal expediency. They don’t care about the Country or it’s People. Only thing for certain is that they must not be allowed to succeed. Whatever it takes, they must be stopped.

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    • The problem of stopping them seems to be that the Blue Team is constrained by facts, law, and some degree of integrity while the Red Team has no constraints. Every time i want to write something and more or less “let it rip,” I can’t. I write it, then I delete it. I can’t behave like that. It goes against everything that makes me ME. If you have no limits, no center, no integrity, no belief in right and wrong, you can do anything. Many of us can’t. I’m sure YOU can’t either. We have a value structure. It prevents us from behaving like those people. Unfortunately, they think we are weak because we have limits on our behavior.

      I’m not sure what we can do about this. Especially we older people — we all have defined limits to our behavior and we actually DO feel bad when we behave badly. They don’t. It makes a huge difference.

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  4. if violence and murder are now considered “legitimate discourse,” we have completely failed as a nation.

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  5. “legitimate political discourse.” I agree with you 100%! what total BS. It was an out and out attempt at a coup to take over the country, Even Mike Pence would not do Trump’s evil bidding. I don’t much like the man, but I applaud his courage to speak out against this concept, and resist the request by Trump to over turn a real “LEGITIMATE” procedure.

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