The Square Odds – February 2022

Oddly enough, this is the cutest squirrel I’ve ever seen, much less photographed. She (look carefully — definitely a she) was so tiny she was closer in size to one of the flying squirrels than a gray squirrel — about half the size of a normal red squirrel. But perfect and truly red. Just to be odd, I’m posting three photographs. That’s odd, right?

Aw, c’mon. This is one utterly adorable little girl squirrel, right? Ain’t none cuter!

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  1. Wonderful photos, especially that first one


  2. What a beautiful shaped tail. Just the right curl. 🙂


  3. Very cute indeed.


  4. Hi I tried to send you a photo of a squirrel hanging from a forked pole by its testicles. Not a very comfortable position to be in. One of the stories in my Great white Shark tales book has a similar situation with a fisherman hanging over the bow of his boat hooked by the anchor cleat. His half-blind mate, also over eighty years old tried to cut him free with a rusty fishing knife. The noise this guy let out was about as loud as the foghorn on an ocean liner.


  5. OMG. They are adorable. I want to pet one….


  6. Isn’t it wonderful? One of the great things about living in Israel — probably Portugal too — were the archaeological artifacts right on the surface. Waiting for us to find them. I’ve never found anything REALLY ancient. Just old Roman and Greek coins in the Mediterranean along the shores of Caesarea.

    No dinosaurs or ancient insects or prehistoric bones (Iwish!). When we were in Arizona, I bought some tiny prehistoric creatures embedded in a polished stone as gifts for friends. I thought they were wonderful, but not everyone who got they thought they were wonderful. They looked baffled. I don’t know what they thought I’d bring them. Silver and turquoise?

    I think some of us are luckily gifted with an ability to love history and ancient things while others don’t get it. I think the ones who don’t get it become politicians and CEOs.



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