FOTD – February 10 – The Jade Tree

I have two Christmas Cactuses and this huge jade tree. The jade tree isn’t a cactus because it doesn’t have spine or thorns — or even pointed leaves — which seem to make plants more cactus and less succulent. Whatever you want to call it, this jade tree is growing like mad.

This is what it looks like now and…
And this is what it looked like before I repotted it

The time between it being tiny and getting huge was less than two months. Those roots needed some room — and as soon as they got it? That plant grew!

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  1. Wonderful photos Marilyn 😀


    • Thank you very much. I’ve been taking pictures of that Jade tree for a while, but never got around to posting them. I was surprised at how much it grew once I put it in a bigger pot. Like the Rhododendrons, it just took off. I wonder if they ever bloom? I’ve never seen a flower on one, but I’ve never seen these growing outside.


  2. I have always had troubles with my Jade plant; a gentle shake and the leaves fall.
    My partner keeps saying that new leaves keep appearing but I hold onto the fallen ones way to dear!


    • That’s why I was so reluctant to repot it. They fall apart if you just brush against them. Those fallen pieces will — given a chance — root and become new plants. But not inside. Outside only. I have to be very careful with mine. Any movement makes it break.

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