Not One of Nature’s Oddities

In a brusque departure from my usual squirrels and birds, we got a new stove today. Our old one, after about 13 years — maybe longer; I don’t remember except my father was still alive so it was more than 12 years ago — lost its thermostat on top and in the oven. Anyway, that was our best guess. We gave up using the oven. Even using the surface was dicey.

The new stove

It would got super hot, then sort of die, then flash super hot again. I gave up, gave in, and bought a new stove. Over the telephone from the same dealer — local — who had sold us the old one. They delivered it today and while I was taking pictures of it , I got to thinking how taking pictures of inanimate things for advertising is one of the few ways to make serious money in photography.

I always wondered why until I started doing product photography myself. I realized you need a big studio and many lights. Probably an assistant. Getting products ready to photograph is a full-time job and some of this stuff is heavy. Like my stove.

So there I was when, I saw me reflected in the oven door. I took the shot.

Me in my oven

Note how my jeans are too long. This is because my pants are falling off. When everyone was gaining weight, I was losing it. No, I don’t know why. It just happened.

These pants were tight and now they are very loose. I hate belts, but I’d better wear one. It’s so embarrassing to have your pants fall down in public. Assuming I ever go out in public again. I’m beginning to like the hermit’s life. Should I be worried about that?

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  1. so many thoughts Marilyn, but a great new oven and how about braces instead of a belt. Think they are called suspenders in America


    • I might have to actually buy some smaller pants. At least my sweat pants sill fit because they have a cord in them to make them tighter. I have never seen suspenders — braces — for women, though I don’t see why a woman couldn’t wear a man’s braces. It’s just elastic, after all. I just thought the picture was funny and definitely odd. I have tons of pictures of rivers and woods and trees and squirrels. Dogs, cats.

      I don’t have very many odd pictures, probably because the places we go to shoot are all woodsy or along the rivers. I think that was the first genuinely oddball picture I’ve taken in a long time.

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