Encouraged by everyone (thank you, ALL of you!) to keep at it, I decided to try a portrait of El Duque. I saved myself from the humiliation of feet and other things I really find difficult and only did a head/face portrait. I should mention the portrait was better until for reasons I don’t even understand, I tried to fix something using a pen, so now there a bit of a dome and there wasn’t until that final error.

The Duke in a red bandana

In doing any kind of art, it really pays to know when to put down the tools and back away. I can’t begin to say how many times I’ve ruined something by doing “just one more little thing.” Knowing when you’re done — especially in art — is really important. And if I wasn’t working in pen, I could have fixed it.

I tried to fix that error here by flattening his forehead using Photoshop

Still, it’s a pretty good picture and it looks like the Duke. We asked him and he said he liked it. If the Duke thinks it’s okay, I guess it’s okay 👌

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  1. I think it’s great. I knew it was The Duke before I even saw your post title.


  2. That’s amazing, Marilyn! Clearly you’re a lady of many talents. I wish I could draw or paint, or anything for that matter, but ever since my daughter – then aged 2 (now 18!) – thought that a rabbit I’d drawn her was an ‘alien’, I gave up… 😦 It must be lovely to be able to produce art like this. Love the red bandana too. It really adds to Duke’s portrait.


    • I could always draw a little. Mostly, I was a doodler, but I wanted to draw. Finally, as I’m retired anyway I figured I’d take a course and give it a try. I’m getting better. I’m good at some things, terrible at others, but I keep being told if I keep plugging away at it, I’ll improve. So, I practice. This one was a big success because it looks more or less like the actual pooch — and Duke approved. He woofed me his critique — 80% out of a possible 100. If the dog likes it, critical success has arrived 😀

      I think many people who think they can’t draw probably could if they tried harder — and picked the right material. I can’t, for example, draw buildings. At all. I never get the angles right. I also can’t draw hands or feet for any living (or prehistoric) creature. And I need a photograph to work from because I’m very slow. I don’t think I ever tried this hard before. I think trying harder was the BIG difference — that and the huge set of 120 watercolor pencils and all the paper and brushes and watercolors and pallet. I don’t think I have a big talent, but I’m having a lot of fun. Also, I know a lot of artists who can’t draw. Pretend you are mentally fused with Salvador Dali or someone else in the weird school of art.

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  3. It does look like him!


  4. It is great Marilyn. Definitely it’s Duke.


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