We’ve been busy. For people who gave up being busy some years past, this is a novel position in which to find ourselves. I keep thinking we’re too old to be embarking on so many projects, but the world throws stuff at you and quite unexpectedly, you find yourself part of the game of life. Again. We’re planning new windows. We trying to find someone to fix that broken gate. I think we have to do that soon because how can they install new windows if they can’t come in through the front gate? Between the planning — merely finding a handyperson to do the work — and actually getting the work done, there’s a lot of telephoning and discussion.

Garry is suddenly very popular for interviewers who realize there aren’t many people left who were involved in the stories he worked on, so they need his voice while he’s still here on earth.

When I was writing about Anthurium the other day, I realized I needed to redraw it, this time without the sloppy paint blobs. So I did — and here it is. At the same time, I decided my “female Cardinal” drawing was only half bad. She’s okay, but the colors are wrong. Female Cardinals are a bit tricky. They are many colors — and each girl looks different from every other in her special way. Still, worth posting.

The colors aren’t right, but I think I got the idea right. These female Cardinals are made up of a bunch of colors

This one was had red feathers in her wings and tail — which were shot with green and brown, some sometimes black. I recognize them as Cardinals because they look like Cardinals, at least structurally — but I have seen some of them visitors who are almost entirely orange or pink with various other colors (blue, green, gray, or black) in wings and tail. Their faces are very much Cardinal. It’s the feathers I find confusing.

Finally, for no particular reason, I drew my favorite baseball cap. I never wear hats anymore, though there was a time when I always wore hats. I love this hat, so I use it to cover a bowl that has a bunch of stuff I use all the time including all my CD cards, most of which need reformatting. It’s not a bird, flower, dog, or (bad) squirrel. Just a hat. A blue hat. It says “Make American Intelligent Again.”

You might ask me why I drew a hat on a table and I would have to answer: “Because it was there.”

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  1. I think that all these drawings are great.


  2. Your sketches get progressively better., carry on my friend


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