The odds are being fiddled!

Today you get to see a drawings rather than a photograph. That alone is odd, right? This is a single picture. You just can’t get odder than numero uno. One is the ultimate odd unit.

I took pictures today. It was snowing. Every bird for miles around came to eat. Owen fed them in the morning and Garry fed them again in the afternoon. Seeing all the feeders empty, he didn’t realize they’d been fed. In this kind of weather, they eat a lot. If we fed them whenever the feeders go empty, we’d run out of money and we would have to give up eating.

But the cute squirrel got posted today, so I needed something new. Something odd. Something unique. Maybe singular. So instead of a photograph, I drew a picture.

One, single daylily at its peak of golden yellow glory.

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  1. Lovely drawing, Marilyn. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love Day Lilies and so do the Monarchs and Humming Birds. Dressed for winter and dreaming of spring and summer… ❤


    • i guess you got the snow too. I’m going to Massachusetts’ own special hell where you don’t need the “real ID” Fed driver’s license, but they won’t let us NOT get one. I hate government agencies. I don’t know if Maine is as awful as Mass and NY have been — or for that matter, Israel (which had to be THE worst) — and no amount of identification is ever enough. They want ANOTHER ID and then ANOTHER ONE AND ANOTHER …

      I am going to die paperwork insanity.

      Sigh. Sorry. I just needed to blow off a little steam.


  2. I was right, your square today is a lovely treat. Wonderful drawing Marilyn


    • Thanks Becky! I’ve been trying out different things — flowers, birds, the Duke — to see what I can do and what needs a lot more work. Next, I will try oil pastels. I’ve never used them and I’m not sure how to use them, but they look interesting.

      We got more than a foot of snow overnight. It was not forecast. It’s just as well Garry fed them again because I can’t get to the feeders yet. The sky is clearing so with a little luck, it will melt — at least enough to let me get from the back door to the feeders. This week is the big international Feeder Count. I’m hoping it’s not snowing then. Hard to count feeding birds when you can’t fill your feeders.

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  3. Hope you enjoyed drawing marilyn! Happy valentines day! Xo


  4. Lovely day Lily.


  5. Charming drawings, once again.


    • Thank you. I think I need better paper. I keep making holes in it with the pencils. And sooner or later, I’m going to have to pick up a brush. I am afraid of brushes.


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