I looked at my drawings today and realized most of them are blocky. That’s not necessarily bad. Some artists were flowing, others blocky, many both, depending on the year. The problem isn’t that I’m blocky but that I want to flow.

Sitting in a heap of black sunflower seeds, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker surveys his world

No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape a passion for outlines and edges. Maybe I need to revise what I expect of myself. I want to be Renoir, but I think I’m closer to Cezanne. Not that I’m comparing my ability — just style.

The orchid leaves are in the mix because the orchid is right behind the cactus and I liked the juxtaposition

These two drawings I think have moved me from “not bad” to “better.” How much better I can get? I have not idea, but I’m already better than I expected. While not expecting to astound art critics around the world, I’ll be happy if my pictures look like whatever I want them to look like. I think the critic I need to satisfy is me.

I was happy with these two. It was the first time I felt like I’d gotten what I intended, give or take a few errors.

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  1. Yes I guess I’m lucky to order only what I need, instead of sets.
    I’ve found Michaels to be quick and reliable! I hope you can find one close.
    I’d miss it Big time!


  2. Hi Marilyn
    I use a Strathmore® 400 Series Drawing Paper Pad (11×14) with 25 pages. Its 80 lb paper. It works for pencils, paints and water colour. I also use pastels. Never once have I gone through it. LOL Its great for my prismacolor pencil deep colours.
    I’ve been ordering from MICHAELS. I think they also have stores in the USA.
    By the way I wish I could draw life like things as well as you do. My abstract drawing are on my Blog.
    Here’s the Canadian Link.


    • Thank you for the information about the paper. I bought inexpensive paper figuring I’d need to practice before I need more expensive stuff, but it turned out the thin paper doesn’t do the job — EVEN for practicing. We used to have a Michael’s locally, but so many places closed up during all the lockdowns. At least with a name to work with, I should be able to find it online if not in a store. I miss art stores! We used to have a lot of them, but now they are scarce — EVEN is bigger cities. Remember when Michaels used to have tons of colored pencils so you could go there and get just the ones you needed and didn’t have to buy a whole set? Boy, do I miss that!

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  3. I’m happy that you are happy. Makes my heart sing! xoxo


    • I’ve been thinking of putting posts — at least the ones that aren’t mostly pictures — into an alternate podcast format so you and a few others I know would be able to “read.” Would you find that helpful? Since it’s the one bonus WordPress started offering and I have a bunch of friends who are vision-challenged

      Is it okay to say blind or is that the wrong word now — or do you just hate the word? My husband is very deaf (100% in one ear and more than 85% in the other), but he hates the word “deaf” and prefers saying “hearing challenged.” One way or the other, he can’t hear without a lot of equipment on his head and even then, he misses a lot. I never know the right terminology these days — so I ask. Everyone is different. What people prefer is so personal.


  4. You’re getting better day by day. These are beautiful


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