Talk about going back to the olden days. Wow, we are on a roll!

Watching news tonight was a return to the 1950s when we were hiding under our desks so the A-bomb wouldn’t hit us. Even as a child, I was pretty sure hiding under our old wooden desks at school wasn’t going to protect us from anything except maybe a spitball from that weird kid in the back of the class. Hiding in the school’s hallways didn’t seem any better, either, but we played along because we were children and they told us we had to do it.

I didn’t get my protest mode in gear until I hit my late teens. In grade school, I objected but did not protest. Besides, at least we were doing something different and it wasn’t math.

This is an original! Are you ready? It’s time to get under your desk and prepare for The BOMB!

It was pointed out that this wasn’t intended for people who were actually going to get hit by the bomb — more for “peripheral” areas. Suburbs and other areas that weren’t the direct target. Except we lived in New York city. I don’t think we were nearly suburban enough.

People were digging fallout shelters. Stocking them with what was supposed to be enough food to last… I don’t know. A lifetime? Two lifetimes? Weeks? Don’t you wonder where all those shelters went? Maybe they morphed into kids’ playrooms.

Meanwhile, they are actually talking on the news — today — about an impending war with Russia.


What is wrong with us? The human species is deranged. How can anyone anywhere think a war between the U.S. and Russia is a good idea?

Sometimes, I look at this mess we’ve made of our world and I don’t know whether to start screaming and not stop until my voice is gone — or begin laughing until I collapse from exhaustion. One is as good as the other. Maybe the are really the same thing.

We should run outside and start digging. Not to built a fallout shelter. Let’s dig our own graves and go lie in them so no one will have to deal with our rotting corpses.

I remember living in Israel where war was always a possibility. I was at a car wash in Jerusalem, which was where I lived. Jerusalem was on the flyway from the airfields down in the Negev to Iran, so we always knew when our air force was doing something. We never knew didn’t if it was something serious or a military exercise, but the planes broke the sound barrier right over Jerusalem. BANG. BANG. CRASH. BANG. ZOOM. BANG. CRASH.

We looked up. Waited. When the last plane had passed and while the stones of Jerusalem were still vibrating, the guy next to me looked up and said, “Milkhamah? That’s “war” in Hebrew. We shrugged. It’s not like we knew anything. We were just getting our cars washed. Supposedly greater minds than ours were running the country. I think even then I was beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that “greater minds” were not running that country, this country, or frankly, any country. Greater minds don’t go into politics.

We had no idea what was going on. Until they started calling up the reserves, only the government and the military would know. It’s not like they published news of impending war in newspapers or talked about it on the nightly news broadcasts.

The adult-orientated Survival Under Atomic Attack issued in 1950, pre-dated the release of Duck and Cover in 1951-52. The booklet was accompanied by a companion film by the same name.

Of course, we’re getting a good head start on this latest possibility of nuclear destruction. Biden is being surprisingly open about war. I guess it’s good to be kept up-to-date on international events, even those that have yet to occur. I grew up in the 1950s and the possibility of nuclear war was never far from anyone’s mind. They talked about it incessantly in the news, the paper. Even in school. Even though the U.S. was (is) the only country to have actually launched atomic weapons in a war, it was like we had pried open the genie’s bottle and all hell was breaking loose.

We have gone all the way around the circle and we are back were I began. It’s a good night to eat a lot more of that Wonka Chocolate in the fridge. I think having my brain trashed might be the perfect choice as we move on from news into whatever we decide is entertainment this evening.

I think I’ll skip the screaming and laugh. Why not?

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  1. The two world wars couldn’t do enough to impart some sense into the world! It is all so messed up.


  2. American politics will kill you Marilyn.
    You hear it in their braggart voices as they scream ‘Death to the commies!’

    Only most of them who say it say that from under their desks as old men and some of them have never shed a drop of blood for your country.

    Then there is the US’s sock puppets (UK) and NATO.
    The UK and NATO will go to war as they are under your influence AND, like sheeple, think and do what they are told to do.

    Big Business War Industries also want war, as there is profit in it for them.
    Big Business Oil and Natural Resources also want war for the same reason.
    It must have hurt like hell for both of them when everything Western left Afghanistan.

    Dig deep Marilyn.
    If you never use that hole you can always fill it in and grow roses.


    • I know. War makes many people rich. Not the people who actually fight it, of course. Other people. And that is how it was, is and will be. But this particular confrontation are two powerful men playing chicken with the world and I keep wondering why they think they have the right to behave this way. Not that I have much to say about it. No one asks us what WE would like.

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  3. Only an outright fool would get into any War with the US. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fools around. I’m certain the Americans have secret weapons nobody even knows about. Not that they need them. It’s claimed the US has about 50 nuclear subs – plus others. Let’s hope the dominos don’t start falling. We in ‘Times’ however, when the ‘Old’ is being removed. Violence is usual in the process.


    • It is hard for me to imagine ANYONE living ANYWHERE who would think war between these two super powers could end in anything but calamity. Russia can’t afford the war and God knows we’ve had more than enough. We just got OUT of one! Sometimes when I see all this war posturing, I really feel as if whoever is running the world has completely lost his-her-their minds. I know Putin is an arrogant narcissist, but even HE can’t think this will have a positive outcome. Or maybe they think it’s fun to play chicken 🤦‍♀️ with the life of EVERYONE ON THE PLANET at stake?

      Well, as I said to Garry last night, we won’t have to worry about the longevity of our retirement and he said “Hey, we won’t even see it coming.” Then we went on to watch a series about insane people on Paramount. He was recovering from me making him TURN OFF the news. He said he usually gets annoyed about it, but he realized, suddenly, that he didn’t need to see any more of that. The news has stopped being information. It’s just about scaring us — no matter WHO is presenting it.

      They can do what they will do. Our watching the news will not help them or us. After that, we watched a few really old episodes of The Lone Ranger. It’s great when the good guys always win.


  4. This is not good news, Marilyn. I have also heard this talk. I can remember having to go under my desk when we had bomb scares at school too.


    • You might actually survive this war since you are at the other end of the world, but all that radiation is likely to finish us off anyway. Ever read or seen the movie “On The Beach”? Written by Nevil Shute. It ends with everything ending. Who are these morons? Surely they have read the same books I’ve read — or have they? They have all gone nuts. Every last one of them.

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  5. I don’t really know what to say about this. I try not to think too much about it. I can only comment on the difference between your last post, New Stove and this, World War III?
    I had hoped our generation might skip that.


    • I’m just rolling along, making dinner. We usually have company Saturday and Sunday nights — Owen’s friend stays over for the weekend so I make Singapore noodles. If they are going to blow us up, we won’t see it coming and we won’t have to worry about the mortgage — or anything else. Lunatics are running the world. Total nut cases. And now, back to drawing pictures of birds and pretending whoever is in charge knows what he is doing. (HA! Who really believes THAT?)

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  6. Congratulations on the recovered images. It really rings bells. Not sure I can survive all that anxiety this time. I like your conversational style.


    • Thank you. I am beginning to think that the leaders of most nations aren’t as smart as most 10-year-olds. How can any sane person think this kind of war could possibly do any good for anyone anywhere? It’s mind boggling.


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