The Odd Yet Square Necessities

More flowers and each is the oddest of numerals, the singular and unique ONE.

The Purple Petunia

In a rare moment of truth in art, the purple petunia was actually purple — even more purple than the drawing, albeit slightly more violet than I was able to create.

Not quite the most accurate portrayal of an Easter Lily — at least it’s white

I tried out the oil pastels today and realized i need to do some test runs on this media before I try to really use it. It’s rather messy. When they say “oil” pastels, put the emphasis on the “oil” part. They are greasy and they get all over you hands and fingernails.

These two picture are squared. They came out pretty well. A bit more stylized — than I unintended but at least I almost managed to draw the lily white — almost. Very close, right?

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  1. Oil pastes are messy. What I usually did was colour a small section and then spread it out with a tiny bit of paper.


  2. You’re being creative and having fun, and that’s all that counts. Great work 🙂


    • And not everything I draw is good enough to post. A few get ripped up and dumped in the trash — at least one per day! I did set up a separate folder for drawings. I have been terrible at organizing photographs, so since I just started doing this, I realized I need to be able to find them in one folder and not have to look through each month to see what I did.

      This is the first time I’ve realized I need to put things in order in years. I’m so proud of now losing most of my pictures! I even backed up my photos and documents yesterday — and it only took me 18 days into the month to get to it. Almost a record.


  3. These are wonderful Marilyn


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