There’s only one odd thing about this image and that’s because I had delete and reload a whole filter twice before I could finish it. Everyone is busily updating software — and half of the new software doesn’t work, including my Topaz filter. I’m beginning to really dislike computing. I always loved it, but I’m not having fun with it anymore.

This starling has no idea how odd he really is!

The software world is colluding to force me to upgrade my computer — but I do not want to upgrade my computer. I like my computer. I used to love it when it worked better, but now, it has been updated so much that it is having trouble doing anything anymore.

Please enjoy this beautiful, glittering Starling. The way things are going, he may be the last photograph I process before my brain explodes for the final time.

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  1. Marilyn, have you considered ditching Microsoft in favor of Ubuntu or some other Linux styled operating system?
    A smaller load on your computer and a shed load of software is friendly to linux systems.

    Just think, no more endless (machine wrecking) updates or big brother recording your every key click. Worth you talking to a computer whizz to see if that is a cheap (Ubuntu is free) safer, more stable alternative to the much hated, Microsoft!


  2. Glittering is the word. Might I add sparkling, although he looks a little ticked off. He is one with you and your computer frustrations, I think. Good luck, Marilyn.

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    • Starlings definitely glitter.

      I have noticed most birds look angry. Maybe that’s what got “Angry Birds” started. Someone noticed all the birds he saw looked mad about something. Some look downright enraged! Especially Cardinals, and I am pretty sure they were the original idea for the angry RED birds. You think?

      Because Windows is making huge changes to their operating system, everyone is hustling to make their software compatible. The problem is, a lot of our computers are NOT compatible so there’s a big gap between what developers are building and what will run well on the computers we really have. I don’t have a lot of software. Basically, other than Chrome — my browser — it’s Photoshop and three filters. But even Chrome has gotten weird and I feel like the technical world is closing in on me. I do NOT want to have to buy another computer. I need a refrigerator and more windows and a deck, but I’m beginning to think I am not going to have a choice.

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  3. He’s a handsome fellow! Sorry you’re having such problems with technology though. It can be a real pain as well as a blessing! I hope things improve as we would miss your posts and beautiful birds!

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    • Microsoft is updating to Windows 11 and it’s a huge change in both hardware and software. It is going to affect everyone who used a PC. It isn’t just me. It’s just that I run Photoshop and that’s tends to suck the life out of computers. It really ISN’T the computer. It’s the changes in technology. If you don’t use much in the way of software, it won’t bother you but for those of us who do, it means buy a new machine of eventually be unable to use any new software.

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      • Okay, here’s my dumb question for the day. Why do they keep updating when your computer is working fine? Why fix what ain’t broken? Yes, I think I know — $$!

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  4. Gorgeous shot, but sorry to hear about the computer woes. Maybe your drawing is the answer!!

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    • Microsoft is updating to Windows 11. It’s not just a software — OS — change. It’s a huge change in hardware AND software. It is going to affect everyone who uses a PC. I remember when Windows 10 came around an no one wanted to upgrade, but eventually everyone who needed to use any kind of software was forced to do it. Well, four years later, here we are again — but this change is even bigger than the change to Win10 because it’s a change in hardware, too. My computer cannot be upgraded. It doesn’t have the right processor. Ironically, Garry’s cheap computer that cost a third of what I paid for mine IS compatible and that’s simply because it was a more recent purchase. I just can’t afford a new computer now. I can’t use what Garry’s using — it won’t run Photoshop. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

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    • Marilyn is doing some pretty good work with her pic diary. I am very impressed.

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  5. What amazing colors.

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  6. I keep hoping to catch a starling murmuration this winter, but no luck yet. I’ll make do with this lovely image.

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