The more frustrating life gets, the more I draw. It was a stressful night. Many pictures emerged. Two I like well enough to show off.


I did others, but they aren’t quite ready for prime time. I wasn’t even sure about the Starling, but Garry really liked him, so here he is.

Categories: Arts, birds, columbine, Flowers, Sketchbook, Starling

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  1. I so admire people who can draw!


  2. The columbine is especially pretty, Marilyn. I keep looking at it and it looks three-dimensional to me. Doesn’t the flower part of it look like it’s leaping off the page? It does to me! I really like it.


  3. Both are lovely but especially the columbine – reminiscent of old prints of floral specimens 🙂


    • I am beginning to remind myself of the early 1900s flower paintings they did on lamps and plates. It may be a subtle influence just because I saw so many things like that when I was growing up. It was REALLY popular for a very long time. It still is, especially for fabrics.


  4. Beautiful, all three. In fact they all should be framed.


    • If I had even an inch of remaining wall space, I might. I’ve got tons of art — some of it mine, but also from other people who are very talented — in portfolios. Not only is framing ridiculously expensive, but this house suffers from a bad case of windows and doorways. Wherever there ought to be a wall, there’s an opening. I like the windows and I even like the openness, but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. If I can ever afford it, I might frame a couple, but not yet. I suspect I will get better. Maybe when I can put these on more solid paper — or canvas? — they might be more frameable. Right now, on paper, they wouldn’t last long. That’s why high-end watercolors, oil paintings and acrylics are more valuable than other mediums. They last longer.

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