A long time ago, we planted three little wild strawberry plants. They have the prettiest magenta, red, or deep pink blossoms. They bloom from early spring through most of the summer.

Wild Strawberry flowers
Two flowers and a bud

They have spread, over the years, from three plants to all over the garden. Once I actually got to eat a strawberry. It was tiny, but very sweet. Usually though, other creatures — birds, squirrels, chipmunks — eat the berries before any human can get to them.

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  1. These drawings are really good, Marilyn. Are you using watercolor pencils? I’m still not too pleased with how mine are turning out.


    • I’m using watercolor pencils because that’s what I bought, but I’m not using water with them. They don’t come out the way they are supposed to. They come out all streaky, which isn’t the look I’m trying for. Mostly, unless you do it in layers — one color per layer and let it dry completely before you do the next layer — a process for which I simply don’t have the patience — they just make everything look like mud.

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  2. Your drawings are lovely, Marilyn.


  3. Those sketches are really good, seemingly real. The Duke is staring and licking his lips. Beware!


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