I drew the orchids a while ago, but I didn’t like them enough to post them. But I looked at them today and decided they aren’t bad. More to the point, parts of the picture are good. Other parts? Not so much.

I like the bud on the left, not thrilled with the bottom of the flower on the right.

Part of the reason I post these is to track how I’m doing and see where I’m making progress — and where I’m stuck. This is the picture that made me realize that I need to know when to put the pencils down and call it finished. I ruin more pictures by adding one more thing than for any other reason.

Portrait of somebody

After drawing Garry and having him not recognize himself, I decided to try me. I don’t recognize me either. Face is too wide and not long enough. Eyes are too big. Not terrible, but not me. At least the people look human and not like something from a Lovecraft story. Although Lovecraftian imagery might be interesting. Tentacles sprouting from heads and all that.

My favorite! Ivy and philodendron

I should stay with plants. I do well with green!

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  1. Marilyn, way to go! The orchids and ivy are my favorites, too! As far as the human,…I can see a bit of myself, at a certain point in my life, in that picture (except for the earrings). Well-done!


    • I think it did an “everywoman” portrait. It could be any woman with white hair and brown eyes. I did a really good portrait of Gibbs, our Scotty who died during the first lockdown. Actually, both of them died during that lockdown. I’ll have to do Bonnie next. I am really proud of Gibbs. Everyone who has seen the picture looks at it and say “Gibbs?” I should probably stick to animals and plants 😀 But i will keep trying because I want to be able to do everything, at least a little bit.

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  2. I think you did the portraits quite well. The resemblance is there.


  3. Plants and birds, yes!


    • I also did a portrait of Gibbs last night of which I am genuinely proud. it really looks like him and everyone who knew him immediately says “Gibbs?” People are difficult and portraiture is particularly difficult. I think the ability to make a portrait look like a specific individual is a separate gift. Not everyone can do it, no matter how otherwise talented they are. Maybe, though, I have a bit of a gift for drawing dogs.

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