A Bad Move North to Aydon Castle

Memories of castles are good in a world gone more than slightly mad.

I haven’t been in the blogsphere much recently, for which I apologise, but I’ve been completely preoccupied with preparing our house for market. We’re making a big move this year, and this has taken up most of my attention for the past six months and will probably continue to do so for a while yet. So at a time when most people are booking their annual holiday, in the few spare moments I’ve had, I’ve been looking back on our wonderful fortnight in Northumberland last year as we’re unlikely to get a proper break in 2022. My memories of one castle visit strike a particular chord just now, as it involved one of the most badly timed house moves in history…

Tucked away in a quiet Northumberland woodland around a mile from the historic little town of Corbridge, Aydon Castle is a remarkably intact and largely unaltered example of thirteenth…

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  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, Marilyn. Hope your readers enjoy the history of how NOT to move away for a quieter life! 😀


  2. best of luck on your next living space. i did this a couple of years ago, sold my house and moved into a condo where i love the location and it’s a lot of work to there but all worth it

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  3. Where will you go? A smaller house, an apartment? Got anything particular in mind? I have a feeling something similar is in my future. Not sure when where or how. but I’ll let you know.

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