I am so demoralized by everything, Are we having Word War III but no one is noticing because we’re also having some really bad weather?

Grackle with raised wings

I’m having trouble coping with life. Not just blogging. Everything. The only place I feel comfortable and safe is huddled in my bed, which is a sad state of affairs, especially since I’ve never been a quitter. But now, I feel like quitting. Not quitting blogging. Quitting everything.

Since hardly anyone comments anymore — lots of like, but few comments — much of the fun of pushing through on WordPress is vanishing for me. I keep really wondering if the endless battle to find a way to just write a post, add a few pictures, and enjoy the company of fellow bloggers is even possible now. I am absolutely sure WordPress has decided they ONLY want business plan members and the rest of us are more trouble than we are worth.

It has been obvious for a long time that we are not worth much to them. What are we worth to each other?

I guess we don’t earn them enough money. What, exactly is ENOUGH money? They already dominate the blogging market, so at what point is it enough? Is it ever enough? We live in a world where gigantic businesses never feel they are gigantic enough. They need to be bigger and bigger and bigger. There is no ceiling. No end.

I don’t have a business and I don’t have money to pay for a business application I don’t need. If I had a business I would never promote it on WordPress. I am sure they would then make my business a world of hell too.

If anyone has anything to say, please say it. I get a lot of hits and no one seems to want to say anything. Maybe everyone is in some kind of lethargy or depression. Two plus years of plague and lockdowns has left everyone mopey and sad.

MEANWHILE — the war we all feared might come has officially arrived. Not to worry. CBS (which is now Paramount Plus) spent more time talking about the weather tonight than the blossoming European war between the US/NATO and Russia. For all I know, the winner of this war will be whoever gets more hits on Twitter — or whoever survives the nuclear blast. Let’s not worry about the dead and dying or for that matter, the dead and dying planet. Let’s worry about Twitter.

It’s always important to know what REALLY counts.

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  1. I read all of your posts and would definitely miss you if you went missing like those objects around your home. Reuters has has solid coverage of the war. It is beyond sobering to see Kiev looking like Beirut. My next door neighbor is from Ukraine and I have been getting updates via reports from his family there. If only this war could be as short as that 1967 Arab-Israeli war that ended at 7 days! The world can I’ll afford another decades-long military conflict. Anyway keep on keeping on.


    • I have a lot of trouble getting motivated to read anything. My email is full of news that I don’t want to read and there is a general sense of gloom and sadness surrounding us. Not just here. Everywhere.

      Now, this moronic, pointless war. Surely Russia could have negotiated a deal with Ukraine and did not need to beat them into the ground! if the basic causes of this war are — as are all causes of war — why not negotiate a financial arrangement that would benefit everyone?

      I do not understand war. It only breeds MORE war. Whatever discontent sparked it in the first place, war never makes anything better. Aren’t we in enough trouble without slaughtering people? What is wrong with us?

      When I’m not writing, taking pictures (which I admit I don’t do much of in the winter), or these days, drawing — I bury myself is trivial games. I don’t want to think. I need something good to happen — which is why we are baking bread. Warm bread will not solve the problems of the world, but it will taste good. Even making food that tastes good is special.

      Talk about “trying times”! if these times aren’t trying, I don’t know what is!

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      • Indeed these are the times that try men’s souls. Yesterday was my birthday. The nerve of starting WWIII on my birthday. Making bread sounds wonderful and I bet your house smells heavenly. Bread photos sometime please? Or sketches!


  2. I really enjoy All your posts. These days it certainly is taking me longer to get motivated for facing the days, current world events excluded. Hang in there lovely ❤️


    • I think this may be an affliction affecting many of us. It’s hard to stay positive when everything around you is so awfully bleak. I understand it because I suffer from it, but it does make it hard to stay motivated.


  3. I have been trying to avoid the news and politics and following the stock market. But today I had MSNBC on for most of the day because I am very concerned that Putin would like nothing better than to destabilize the West, Western Europe, and the U.S. by getting us all drawn in and caught up into a significant war (maybe on the level of a World War). Unfortunately, Trump and some Republican leaders are praising Putin and seem to be reluctant to do anything about what he’s doing. It’s mind blowing to me.


    • What I can’t understand, probably because the concept of “power” is not part of my self-concept, is why couldn’t Putin just make a great deal with the Ukraine? Assuming that the bottom line for this war and ALL war is economic, why not off the Ukrainians a deal they couldn’t refuse? Of course that would not deal with Russia’s fear that someday soon, the Western world will actually address climate change and make all that oil and gas worth less on the world market. I frankly consider that unlikely. I don’t see us or our NATO allies dismantling oil and gas — not if they actually have any to sell.

      Other than Putin’s insane need to glue back together the “old” Soviet Union, there is no reason for this war. Every other thing could have been negotiated. Probably easily. So all this slaughter for what? So Putin can feel powerful? It’s hard for me to understand that way of thinking.

      Meanwhile, it’s snowing — still and again — so they won’t bother to really talk about the war that could actually destroy our world if the WEATHER is bad — and there’s no baseball either. We need to focus on what’s REALLY important!

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      • You’re right. Putin needs to bring Ukraine back into the fold so it won’t get any close to the west, to the EU or to NATO. It’s crazy!


  4. I know how you feel. When wp fu, I lost so many people and for a long time lost the will to continue. I’d met so many wonderful people and we talked constantly. Now It’s once in a blue moon. I’m here. I enjoy your writing and your paintings and drawings. I am having a difficult time so I haven’t taken the time to go see others work. For that I’m sorry. But I so enjoy you…very very much.


  5. I’ve been surprised by how low key this war seems to be news wise. Yes, there have been lots of photos and comments taken from social media but I expected big black headlines. I missed the news on the radio this morning so jumped straight to the ABC website and the top “just in” stories were just the usual, bit of Covid, bit of sport, PM getting mad at China. He’s probably happy about this. There is an election due and as he’s messed up everything else, he can now try and make everyone focus on Russia and China instead.
    Nobody here seems to be scared. Even people in Ukraine it seems didn’t take it seriously until it happened. Still if what I read is true many Poles were the same until the Germans came in WWII.
    I don’t know what to think.
    I’ve been trying to write posts more often this month but my stats don’t really reflect that in views. Good thing I don’t take them too seriously. If I even miss a day I’m back in single figures. I think if it were not for blogging challenges, I wouldn’t get many views. Not many seem to read the Sunday Drive posts I’ve been doing lately which is disappointing because those are the most fun to write. Still, I will keep doing them anytime I get to go somewhere regardless.


    • My stats are up and down. I have a good day, a bad day, a mediocre day. I really think everyone is — if not depressed, then bummed and glum.

      The roots of this war are economic. I’m pretty sure the roots of EVERY war are economic. So, OK, Russia need the income from the Ukraine. You mean — he couldn’t make a deal to keep them economically integrated without tanks and murder? Seriously? It had to be a war and slaughter?

      There IS a major war in Europe yet the news is barely covering it. What’s wrong with this picture? No one wants to talk about it. Is it so serious that we are unable to even address it as news? This world has gone so very wrong and I’m not sure we will ever be able to fix it.


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