What are the odds . . . .

A square of three Chrysanthemums enjoying a gentle spray of water on a warm summer’s day

It’s comforting to see these bright flowers on a day this cold and icy. We got almost a foot of snow and it’s down near zero (F) tonight. I know spring will come, but right now, it seems a terribly long time away.

I keep posting these and they are supposed to be ready to go, but when I finally finish in the kitchen and bird feeding (etcetera), I discover it is NOT published and for reasons I don’t understand, the fact that I was really careful to make sure they were “published” didn’t matter. So these should have been up 6 hours ago.

It’s always WordPress.

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  1. This is the UK, it rains when the sun shines and there are no clouds, and ALWAYS when you hang out your washing, or wash your car.


    • Our weather is not dissimilar to yours. New England and Old England both have very erratic weather patterns — except it is generally colder here — and we don’t get spring. We pretty much go straight from winter to summer.

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  2. beautiful trio Marilyn


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