Where did all that food go? The raccoons stole it! Sometimes, they stole the whole feeder and spirited it into the woods. We have never found all the things they stole but somewhere, in raccoon hollow — our feeders live on.

And then there were three…

And now, until the next square month, we await days of squares.

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  1. They certainly mean business 🙂


  2. Could they be the ones who stole the pair of glasses and the other things that went missing 😀


  3. Thieves in the night! A great square odds 🙂


    • All the bird food kept disappearing overnight — and owls (the ONLY night birds around here) don’t eat seeds. So we set up a stationary “game camera.” It’s not a really good one and only shoots at night in black & white, but we discovered who was stealing the feeders (raccoons) and who was eating all the seeds (flying squirrels). If the camera were a bit better, I’m sure we’d have see many more nighttime visitors. If we ever have the money, I’d really like to get a better night camera. Two, actually. Put them in two different spots and see who’s visiting us in the dark.


      • That would be amazing to have one of those


        • The one we got was like $60 which is as cheap as cameras get. it’s not a great camera, but you can see all the things that normally hide from you in the dark. if you have wildlife, but you never see it, with one of these — you CAN see it. They are impervious to weather and will hang from a tree or really, just about anywhere you thing creatures are hiding. We put ours overlooking the feeders because all the food was disappearing overnight — and some of our really big feeders were disappearing. I never knew until then that we had flying squirrels. A LOT of flying squirrels! And raccoons. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the dark of night!

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