Tragedies, calamities, doom, damnation, and the world is ending. Well, it probably IS ending and I don’t think there’s much I can do about it.

I’ve been feeling tired of being me for a while. Possibly years. I am sure anything I want to say I’ve said before and not just once. I’ve used different words, but I’m repeating myself and I hear the echoes of my own writing ringing in my ears. Even though I realize not everyone is going to get all excited about my artistic pretensions, I decided to not keep doing the same stuff. I promise — if I have something new and interesting to talk about, I will. But when it’s another version of the same old same old? Hell, I’m tired of me, so I can only imagine the weariness factor for everyone on my “list.”

There’s a boatload of political crap — not to mention an actual ground war — going on, but I’m not ready to jump into that leaking lifeboat. I’ve served my time.

Despite my best intentions, I did not save the world. I didn’t even save a tiny piece of it.

It’s fun to do something different. It has been a while since blogging felt like fun. It was fun when I began, but soon enough it began to feel like work. Finally, it devolved to a sense of obligation and feeling — against all commonsense — that in some small way, my opinion mattered.

Does it matter? If so, tell me how.

I went and bought a lot of colored pencils, paper, watercolors, more paper, outlining pens, erasers, brushes — and more pencils and paper. Whether anyone else will be interested in what I’m doing, I have no idea. It’s not important. I think after I passed the one million hit mark, I’d reached my goal. I didn’t know I had a goal until I reached it. I’m sure that means something, but I have no idea what.

After all this blogging time, I do not see a better world or even a hint or hope of a better world. I see the same sad stories. Only the names change. It’s time for others to deal with current and future disasters. I already did my bit for earlier disasters.

It’s not that I’m too old to keep fighting. It’s that I’m too old to keep fighting the SAME battles.

For example, I’ve been fighting for the right of women to be allowed to control her own body since I was a teenager — which is 60 years ago. It’s not over. It will never be over, but please feel free to carry on.

In all things creative, there comes a point where you need to move on. I’ve been feeling that way for a while. It’s not that there isn’t more than enough stuff happening in the world about which I could write, but I’ve already written about it. True, what’s happening now isn’t exactly the same as what happened 10 years ago or last year, but it’s not all that different either.

Dave Granlund /

I was trying to imagine being in the news and trying to come up with another way to report an event that is essentially the same as hundreds of other events you’ve reported. The town is different, so it’s a different fire department, but otherwise?

You could pre-write the news.

You just need a sheaf of scripts for fires, murders, blizzards, hurricanes, and every other natural and unnatural disaster. You could do the same thing with politics. You could do the standups in advance and just slot the appropriate pol into position. There would be elections, scandals, even bigger scandals, outright theft and corruption. Basically, the reporters end up saying the same stuff anyway — and for that matter, so do the pols.

Denials — “It never happened.” Semi-denials — “Well, maybe it sort of happened, but it wasn’t my fault.” Admissions — “Okay, I did it, but I promise I won’t do it again.” Finally, resignation: “I did it, I’m really sorry, please don’t put me in jail.”

That’s what Fox already does, except they don’t wait for an actual event. They make stuff up because what they do (ask them, they’ll tell you) isn’t news. It’s entertainment. If you believe it and it turns out to be total fabrication, well, they never forced you to believe their nonsense, did they?

And now, we have to take a break and let our sponsors sell stuff. See you later with more recycled stories.

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  1. Well your opinions matter to me Marilyn. It does seem like every major event follows a cycle and I don’t blame you for feeling you are having to say the same things over and over. I do think that there will always be people out there reading them for the first time though.
    Still it’s good to do something new. I look forward to seeing more of your sketches.


    • As I sit here, I’m seeing the first snowflakes falling from the sky. It’s NOT supposed to snow today or at least it wasn’t the last time I heard the weather.

      It’s easy to feel buried in the mountain of “stuff” on the internet especially when so few people bother to comment anymore. There used to be a lot more commenting, but I think a lot of people are having problems with WordPress and the internet in general — and maybe they are, as I am, kind of worn out. I really wanted to change things for the better, but I keep looking around and I don’t see anything getting better. And then there are the battles we fight in this country where no matter how many times you think you’ve “won,” the next administration comes in and everything you gained disappears. Nothing gets fixed and nothing seems to last. At best it’s frustrating — and at worst, it does make you wonder if anything you’ve ever done has made a difference. And, of course, ALL the news is bad, worse, even worse than that, awful, horrendous, and calamitous. If anything good happens, I’m pretty sure the news doesn’t feature it.

      But I’m still here. I will always write. I don’t think I could stop if I tried. Just maybe LESS — and less political because the politics are making me crazy.

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      • I do wonder how many people are unable to comment because of WordPress. I wanted to comment on Marsha’s post about the doll shop. There were several other comments but I had no comment box so I was unable to do that. I can’t do likes on your posts unless I do it from the Reader and that only works with single posts not multiple ones. I can like some people’s posts. It’s really random. No wonder people give up trying.


        • I know a lot of people can’t seem to make their iPhones work — Owen is one of them. I am having trouble accessing photographs OR having photographs show up in posts. They never FIX anything before that change the software again, so they embed the problems without ever solving them. With ALL of the other problems we are facing, this one is totally bogus. They really do make me want to give up.

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          • It seems that WordPress are not the only ones. I was watching a couple of videos yesterday about the history of YouTube and the presenters were complaining about more or less the same thing. That it had become about demographics and big companies using if for a platform and less about creative content.


  2. Not even sure how I got on your list, but enjoy it when I read and love the birds!

    Your story about your name (Malka) moved me deeply. Wanted to send you a piece by
    Anne Carson about names

    Maybe you can write when you feel particularly inspired even if it’s only once every few weeks…

    Thanks for your sharing!


    • I’m not sure how thousands of people got on my mailing list, but I’m glad you enjoy it. I don’t think I could stop writing if I tried. It’s so much a part of who I am and how I express myself. What I think I need to avoid is getting too wound up in the current political disasters. All that does is make me crazy. I can’t fix it and I doubt anyone who has any influence reads this blog — although I am sometimes surprised at how many people I never though would sometimes do read it. I guess that’s part of what happens when you’ve been around for a long time — you just show up in a lot of places.

      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate actually hearing from readers. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really OUT there.


  3. Welcome to the world of the jaded, cynical, and skeptical.


  4. Another tour de force, Marilyn, although your take on things emphasizes a tour de farce aspect, no? Keep on keeping on, just being you is the only way forward.


  5. Hi Marilyn, I for one really like your pictures and drawings and I enjoy your commentary about life and politics and your snarky comments. Why not share your opinion, better out than in I say.


    • Well, I’m really appreciating actually getting some comments! The silence was getting sort of deafening. The disastrous political situation and the international planetary mess AND this war which we totally did NOT need are really getting to me. I have trouble believing humans can really be THIS stupid.

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