Owen’s favorite bird is that little, perky Tufted Titmouse. They are friendly little birds that with a little encouragement wouldn’t mind moving in with you and sitting on your table gathering crumbs. So I drew one.

Owen objected. He said it should not have a dark background (wood). So I redrew it on a plain white background. What do you think?

Aside from that I think the first one with the wood in back is a slightly better drawing, I’m not sure the white background is an improvement. Anyone have an opinion?

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  1. I like the second one better! Though both are very good.


  2. I love their little faces! I prefer the wood background. I really do like them both. Wonderful job, Marilyn!


  3. I am not an artist nor an art expert. However, to my untrained eye, I think your titmouse looks fabulous. Here is a link to the doll shop I was telling you about.


    • I kind of like the wood background. I reblogged your doll post. I forgot that I had already seen it and commented on it. What I did lose was the connection to your blog. I obviously had it at some point, but WordPress tends to clear out our links when they update their software. So now you are back ON my list.

      I’ve owned many dolls. Hundreds of them, but never that many at one time. Maybe not that many ever!

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  4. Well, art is art, it doesnt have to be excellent! Your art is good enough its the effort that goes into the making of it that counts!


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