I know a lot of people don’t like petunias. They think they are dull plants, but I love them because they are the backbone of flowerbox gardening.

Petunias, from spring through the fall

They aren’t as interesting as many other garden plants, but planted in a flowerbox, they bloom for the entire summer, from late spring right through the fall. The thing is, “interesting” flowers are generally fragile flowers. Petunias look fragile, but they are extremely hardy.

They require nothing but some sunshine and water when they are getting dry. They come in a million colors and some very interesting architectural designs. When you want flowers and don’t want to have to work at keeping them alive, go with petunias.

The Primrose — the garden form — is a Petunia

You can make up some magnificent flowerboxes and instead of making you work, you can relax and enjoy them.

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  1. I think they are pretty!


  2. Lovely pictures, Marilyn. I love petunias but I have not as yet tried to make them from fondant.

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  3. These are so good Marilyn


  4. Beautiful art by you


    • Thank you. The drawings will have to keep me until we actually have some flowers. Right now, what we have is ice, though it’s definitely melting now. If it doesn’t refreeze, we’ll be clear of it in a couple of days.

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