It took me two days to complete this picture. Sometimes it’s easier than it looks. This was not one of those times. This was as hard as it looked. It might have taken longer because I work more slowly with a brace on my wrist, but it’s worth it. It keeps my wrist functional!

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  1. I bet all the drawing helped your wrist to heal! Kept it moving πŸ˜€


  2. Lovely. Truly. Diligence and patience…I’m short on patience sometimes…depends on what I’m doing… but there you have it. Great job.


  3. A lot of patience… Looks good


    • Yes, a lot of patience. I have to actually WEAR my brace. It will give my poor hand a chance to recover. It’s just hard handling pencils and pens with a brace on my hand, so I tend to skip it unless I really have no choice. But I need a couple of days off.

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  4. It’s impressive as is your daily diligence. I can see your progress. Way to go!


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