FOTD – March 8 – FUCHSIA

I grew fuchsia every summer for years until the man from whom I bought them passed away and no one seemed to have really healthy plants. I saw some last summer, so hopefully, this summer I will again have fuchsia flowering on my deck. With a little luck, the squirrels won’t eat it.

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  1. I love them… Growing up in California in the 50s, dad planted fushias and your beauties bring back those sweet memories! 💞


    • They are still my favorite “deck” flower, but it’s hard to find good ones. Almost all of our nurseries went out of business during the past five years. Owners were elderly and there wasn’t enough profit to make their kids want to take over. Now, we get to pick from whoever grows them commercially and a lot of them are not healthy. But I’m still looking. Just in case!


  2. awesome! I hope the squirrels leave it alone!

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    • They really are! Getting healthy plants has gotten difficult. So many nurseries were run by elderly people who passed away or retired. I guess it isn’t a big money maker as businesses go, but I miss them.

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