It has been a ridiculously busy week — and it’s only Monday night. The weekend was insane and we are still tired. I think it may be a while before we pull ourselves together. My birthday is on the agenda for next Friday and I’ve been getting birthday cards and some absolutely AMAZING art supplies. Owen gifted me with the 150 pencil Prismacolor set. This particular one has an extraordinary selection of pastels as well as the best collection of yellow through orange tones I’ve ever seen as well as a lot of earth tones.

It’s an amazing set. The only thing stopping me from using it right now is that my right hand needs rest. No amount of splinting will help. So, I’m resting it which means not starting any new projects.


What’s the strangest thing In your refrigerator?

Right now, nothing, but we just got a new refrigerator. Give it a few months and I guarantee there will be something yucky hiding in the back somewhere. Right now, though, it’s clean and pure — perfection in stainless steel.

Would you rather hear the music of Johann Sebastian Bach played by a barbershop quartet or a heavy metal band?

Well, there was this group:

It turns out, Bach can handle a nice little back beat. I remember this (original) group from when I was in college, music majoring. I bought the album — it was all Bach and aside from that light jazz drumming — a Capella vocals. My piano teacher really liked it. I don’t think heavy metal would do it, but pure vocals worked shockingly well.

These were the original Swingle Singers (born in 1962).

If you could erase on event from history, which one would you erase?

Definitely the election of Trump. It’s not that he made everything bad. He just made anything that was already bad much MUCH worse.

If your food is bad at a restaurant, do you say something?

How bad does it have to be? Because we do not suffer from excessively fine cuisine here in the valley. On a good day, the food is okay. On a bad day, it can be inedible. There is little point in complaining. Around here, edible IS good. There are a couple of exceptions, but mostly? Our restaurants are pathetic.

You can complain about bad service because you can hope for improvement there, but complaining about food? Unless you just like making a fuss, there’s not much point in bothering. If you don’t LIKE the food, unless it’s so bad you are in fear of food poisoning, your only recourse is to learn to cook the stuff you like. Or take a vacation in a place, like — Paris? San Francisco? Montreal? Someplace notorious for great restaurants. But not the Blackstone Valley. Here, edible is great food.


First of all, we got a refrigerator and we didn’t have to buy it. It isn’t new, but it was a very expensive machine and it was just two years old when the guy who owned it moved to a house that had (do you believe it?) an even bigger refrigerator. I can’t even imagine a bigger refrigerator because this one is huge, but he lives in a huge house — and has five kids too and a really big refrigerator is probably a good thing.

So with wrong measuring and all of that, we ended up with an amazing refrigerator and a rearranged kitchen that feels much roomier. A lot of mess got cleaned up and we got rid of a lot of junk.

Despite significant misadventures, it all worked out better than anyone imagined. You have to be grateful when a plan doesn’t come together yet the end result is great. Go figure, right?

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  1. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World! Congratulations on the new refrigerator, that must be amazing! I’m hoping mine lasts quite a bit longer, because save a miracle (like yours), I can’t afford to replace it if it breaks down. And I feel ya’ on the ‘lack of fine dining establishments’ because my town boasts restaurants, but the ethnic ones lack hygienic kitchens (I’d bet), and I’ve never set a foot in the worst of those. The others are all meat and potatoes Mom & Pop places. They serve a variety of dinners but nothing I couldn’t make at home and make it better. There is one steakhouse but everyone and their dog eats there and with the stupidity of most of the population up here about Covid, I wouldn’t go there now. Salt Lake had its problems, but at least you could get decent ethnic food, even outstanding quality, and they had truly fresh sea food (flown in daily). *sigh* I need to catch up with your goings on, because it’s evident that I’ve missed a couple of memos. I hope your arm is healing well and that you get to use those wonderful new pencils and pastels soon. I bought myself that set as a graduation present to me after I graduated from college. I still have them, they’re amazing! I loved your sketch too! I hope you all are well! Have a great week!


    • Thanks, Melanie. It took us a while — years — before we finally realized the food they serve around here is at best mediocre because that’s what people WANT. They think salt and pepper are heavy spices and garlic is downright exotic. There are some better places in Worcester (the town, not the county) and right over the Rhode Island border there’s a nice little Asian place. The one really good Chinese restaurant (in another town) is still (I assume) good, but the prices are ridiculous. There’s also a steak house that is very expensive, but the food is good — if you want steak, that is.

      Ethnic restaurants are in other towns where they have some kind of ethnic population. Uxbridge is plain vanilla white, so Garry and I really stand out. We are way better off eating at home and THAT is why I spend so much time in the kitchen.

      Sea food has gotten so expensive we rarely buy it. Pity because we really like it, but they fished out the places they used to go. It will be a long time before we can count on any amount of fresh seafood and “normal” prices.

      I’ve missed a lot of posts too. I don’t have enough time to read everything or even half what I get — and a lot of people publish half a dozen posts a day, way more than I can keep up with.

      As soon as my right wrist decides to stop hurting quite so much, I have plans for that incredible set of pencils. it’s a really great set. Do you still draw?


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