I had to take down all the feeders today. The hornets (yellow jackets) came out today and decided they wanted to set up shop in the hanging feeders. We have had a lot of trouble with wasps and hornets and had to have several huge nests removed from various parts of the house.

This House Finch has a mad on. I’m not sure why. You’d have to ask him yourself, but he’s definitely not a happy camper.

One year, they decided to create a new nest inside an umbrella. This year? Bird feeders. To get the feeders both of which were surrounded by aggressive hornets down from their hooks and emptied, I had to take the chance of getting bitten. I’ve been bitten by a lot of hornets and wasps over the years. There are worse things than getting bitten and letting them set up two nests in the bird feeders would absolutely have been worse.

The Red-Shafter Flicker doesn’t officially live here, but I think he does or at least the mix of red and yellow flickers live here. We had some gray flickers that I think were red and yellow shafted — just showing a weird color. Birds do that sometimes. They are part of the woodpecker family and look like a long, thin woodpecker, though they don’t get bugs from trees. They hunt in the grass and eat a lot of ants and beetles.

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  1. Oh my gosh Marilyn! These drawings just get better and better. So much talent! Seriously!


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