Think crocus. I’m pretty sure that outside, under the dead leaves from last autumn and the snow that is falling now, there are crocuses. I know this because they are always there, every year from late February through March. I’m never sure what colors they will be. Sometimes purple only, but other years also yellow and white ones pop up. I felt like spring myself, so that’s what I drew. The last couple of days were delightfully warm — but New England is like this. It’s not over till it’s over.

The first picture are imagined colors, but the second look like real crocus or as close as I can get them.

Let us hope for more flowers and that this snow doesn’t turn out to be more than promised. It is supposed to be a very small snow. Maybe an inch or three. It’s coming down rather heavily at the moment, but maybe it will quit soon.

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  1. They’re beautiful, Marilyn! I’ve seen the daffodil briefly here. Today it will be beautiful, tomorrow 1-3 inches of snow and our lows dipping into 20’s and back to 60’s. March is a trap! Always. Flowers give me hope and promise!


  2. Beautiful drawings.


  3. Heres hoping! Spring needs to hurry! I’m getting impatient! Xx


    • This is the time of year when I’m always restless for spring. It’s the weather changes — warm, cold, warm, cold. It gets warm and I get optimistic. Today, it snows. Ouch. But maybe tomorrow, flowers will bloom. We live with hope.


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