Last night was the first time Garry saw me throw away a couple of drawings. He seemed shocked. I’m not sure exactly why. Waste of very good paper? Waste of all that work? But the thing is, not every drawing or painting or any piece of artwork is going to come out the way you want it — or at least, not the way I want it. I make mistakes and some of them are not fixable. Or I just don’t like whatever I was doing. The sketch was okay, but the final result wasn’t. So I toss it. I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

Today’s plans went awry when the snow started falling heavier than it was supposed to, so I moved the appointment to next Wednesday. Also, the power supply for Garry’s computer died. Of all the things that can go wrong with a computer, that was one that’s easy to fix after we were able to find a magnifying glass to read all those teeny tiny numbers. Can anyone read white print on a black plastic power supply that can’t be more than 4 points in size?

Since the original power supply made by Lenovo who also made the computer was only $5 more that the other no-name version (most of which were between $16 and $21), I went wild and spend $24.50 to get the “original.” Of course they are all made in China, as was the computer, so I’m not sure there is any meaningful difference between Lenovo’s version and anyone else’s, but I figured at least it would fit properly. Some of the less expensive versions looked better made than the original.

Still, the difference in price was minimal and they could guarantee delivery tomorrow. I know there are lots of issues with Jeff Bezos and Amazon, but at times like this, Amazon is a life-saver. Meanwhile, Garry can use his iPad which does pretty much everything his computer does and has more memory.

My computer is beginning to show its age. It’s 5-1/2 years old and these have been heavy duty years. I’m online every day. I do the best I can to keep it in good shape, but five years is about what you can reasonably expect from a hard-working computer. My Mac is three years newer and it hasn’t seen nearly as much hard use, but it also doesn’t have the power to run Photoshop. So I need to think about getting another computer. I can’t upgrade this one. With lighter use, it will last a while. It’s not broken, just tired. Meanwhile, graphics cards have come a long way. What was top of the line when I bought this one isn’t.

I want things to last forever, but of course, they won’t. Nothing does.

You’d think I’d be eager for a new computer, but I hate changing them. I like when I know where everything i on the computer. It’s comfortable and homey. I guess I have to start thinking about a replacement and how to afford what I need. If I just needed any old laptop, no problem, but I need a lot of memory and storage and most of all, I need a high-end graphics card.

Graphics cards are expensive. Very. Probably the most expensive part of the entire computer. If I can get another year out of this one, I’ll might have save enough money to pay for a new one without using credit — which I would prefer.

JUST when I was beginning to see light at the end of our long, financial tunnel instead of light I see a new computer that I’d just as soon not buy. Drat!

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  1. My laptop is five, no six years old this year. I was thinking about how I could afford to replace it last year after I spilled tea on it. It miraculously came back to life after 6 months in my wardrobe. I call it Lazarus now. However, it is getting slow to load. I will have to replace it at some point but with what? When I bought it I imagined that it might become my main computer when my old desktop gave out. I wasn’t sure I’d have room for a new one when we moved. However, I did end up buying a new desktop computer last year. Do I really need such a large laptop? Do I really need a CD/DVD drive? I hardly use this one. Would I be better off with something lighter for travel, if I ever get to do that again?
    I haven’t resolved these questions yet. I do know that I need to be able to edit photos on it although I do mostly use the desktop for that. But if I go away I won’t have the patience to wait till I get home to save and edit my pictures. I’ll want to post them while I am on the road. I don’t think a cheap, lightweight laptop or a tablet will do that unless I spend a serious lot of money on it which brings me back to my original problem of how to afford what I really want.


    • You just summed up my thoughts perfectly. I have a perfect little lightweight Mac which I bought for the travel we never were able to do and this laptop weighs in like a desktop. Since installing Photoshop, it locks up multiple times a day which isn’t a good thing. But it’s also not going to be able to be updated to the newer PC operating system — and I don’t have a desktop or any room to put one OR any interest in locking myself away with a computer.

      There are computers I could (somehow) afford, but while they are have the memory and speed I need, they DON’T have a waulity graphics card or a high quality screen. I can’t work without being able to see what I’m doing — and without a good graphics card, no matter how much memory I load into it, it still won’t run as needed. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

      I suppose something will work out somehow. I’m not sure how, but something.

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  2. i’m in the same place with my computer, and know i should buy one before this one totally dies, but i keep dragging it out. i know i have to pull the trigger, or i’ll regret it at some point


    • I have my super lightweight Mac as a backup, but it won’t let me process photographs. If all i wanted to do was answer email or write in text without photographs, it would do the job. THIS is the bottom line reason why giving up blogging sound like a good idea, Continuing is going to get very VERY expensive. How much money do I want to throw into this while WordPress does their best to make me wish I was gone?

      Everyone with a computer that’s five or six years old — EXPENSIVE computers that cost a bundle to buy and would cost a bundle and a half to replace — are facing the same issue. And all we need to do is give up doing what we love and voila, problem solved. A dismal prospect, isn’t it?

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  3. Buying new tech has become more and more costly!


    • What’s really funny is last night, late, late into the night I was cruising computers. I found a Lenovo (used to be IBM back in “the day”) that had power to spare AND plenty of storage. What it didn’t have was a decent graphics card OR display with even moderate quality. It’s not all that expensive to get a new computer. What IS expensive is to get one with quality GRAPHICS. And the idiocy of the design is what do you need all the power FOR if you aren’t working with quality graphics? If you aren’t doing photo or video processing, you don’t need all that power. The screens on those computers have a resolution that was trash 10 years ago and a graphics card that crashed BEFORE installing Photoshop.

      I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

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