Because not everyone can hear all the lyrics. And because we could update the lyrics and it would be even worse.

How did we fall so far? WHY did we fall so far?

I know there are no simple answers and I don’t expect anyone to offer one. Somehow, against all our wills, we got here anyway. We tried. We thought we’d made some progress. We failed. And now, we are taking our failures and turning them into calamities that go beyond anything we ever imagined in our darkest nightmares.

I will be perkier tomorrow because I’m turning 75. That ought to be a celebration, shouldn’t it? I promise to celebrate. I will turn my head away from the world’s nightmare and look for a ray of hope. That’s about as good as I can do.

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  1. Marilyn, happy birthday! Yes, hope is a good thing.


  2. Happy birthday tomorrow…in case I get sidetracked.


  3. It is hard to see how far we tried to come, only to slide back. I have hope with the younger generation if the adults don’t tear it all down beforehand. I hope your celebration is wonderful. Happy almost 75th!


  4. Happy (almost) birthday, Marilyn! I hope you will have a delicious cake!


    • Thank you! This is probably the most dismal year for any birthday. Of course, everyone on earth will have one anyway. We will smile and try to find something good amidst the awfulness — and keep wondering how it all went so terribly wrong.

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