I was a bit dubious about trying to do hydrangea. Not only are they complicated for shading, but one flower is really many tiny flowers and I wasn’t sure my wrist was up to it. In the end, I compromised and did a small amount of two flowers. Past this “reasonable” amount, it’s time for photography.

Not perfect, but it looks like a blue hydrangea

And now — the buds!

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  1. The orchid bud is my favourite – I love the delicacy and simplicity. You’ve done a good job on the hydrangeas but I don’t think they suit the medium so well – too small and fiddly perhaps?


  2. The hydrangeas came out really well!


    • They look like hydrangeas and I think I got the colors right. This is more than I can say for all the roses and squirrels I’ve done and tossed in the trash. In this case, after I got the color combination figured out, it moved along pretty fast. But lots of little flowers are a lot of work and use a lot of materials. When you have to sharpen the pencils half a dozen times for one picture, you have to decide if the result is worth the amount of materials you’ve used up. AND my patience level is not be up to snuff. It’s why photography suited me better than painting.

      Before I started photography, I painted but after I discovered photography, I never bothered to paint anything again. Funny how we sometimes come back to where we began, isn’t it?


      • I hope you’re still doing the photography as well!


        • I am, though there hasn’t been much opportunity lately. The feeders are all down because the hornet want to nest in the feeders. They are probably nesting on the roof, which is what they did last time and we’ll have to get the wasp and hornet guy out here to clean them out — again. So while I’m still feeding them suet and throwing seed out on the ground for them, I can’t see them because they are eating below window level. And it has been either raining or snowing or blowing and snowing. it is supposed to warm up this week. Garry says the first good day we get when we don’t have a doctor’s appointment or some other unbreakable appointment — we’ve got a LOT coming up because for some reason, March is always full of doctor appointments — we’re going to find some new places to shoot pictures.

          He is eager to go out and so am I, but winter just isn’t a great time for shooting unless you are a younger and hardier than we are. With warmer weather coming, I’m hoping we can fit a few hours in between running around days. AND I don’t currently have a legal driver’s license because I’m waiting for paperwork to show up from New York (where we got married). I need to prove I’m me to get a license. Apprently all these years, I have NOT been me. Who’d have thunk it?

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          • That sounds like our “Real ID,” which can be part of one’s driver’s license but doesn’t have to be. It’s the document that will be required to ride on public transportation or to enter public buildings. To get a Real ID, you have to prove your identity, with a Passport, ss card, 3 utility bills, etc. But you can also enter buildings and ride public transportation with just your Passport! How silly!

            I’ve not taken many photos recently for many of the same reasons — besides Covid and Cancer, it’s been so windy as to be unpleasant to be outdoors. Today was nicer, and I see warmer, calmer weather coming, so I’m hoping to be outside more! I sometimes think we all have so many doctor appointments as we age because it’s a way to keep us busy — especially because I once learned that two doctors in the same practice cannot be paid by Medicare for appointments on the same day!


  3. I love it! Done a painting a long time ago of hydrangeas. Was very difficult.


  4. Very nicely drawn Marilyn


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