As the foliage begins to change from the dark green of late summer to the colors of autumn, you get trees with a mix of green and bright leaves.

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  1. So beautiful, Marilyn. I love the fall colors and my favorite tree in this area is one that turns to splotches of burgundy and orange, separate areas of the tree at the same time. After one of the big ice storms here a few years ago it isn’t quite the same but at least is still alive. Not the same species as your illustrations but they remind me so much of “my” tree.


    • I’m not even sure what species of tree this was, but it certainly had some wonderful colors on it. It’s not on our property. I think it is down along the river and it might be a bush rather than a tree. Whatever it is, may it live long and glow every autumn.

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      • It reminds me of some bushes we have in this area, but it also looks like the leaves on some of the trees. I don’t know much beyond maple, oak and black walnut. Of course if they have fruit hanging on them I can usually identify them from that.


    • Autumn is “our time” here — the only time of the year where the weather is great. Otherwise, it’s always “too” something. Too cold, too muggy, too completely missing (spring!). But Fall — when the weather is right and we don’t get a hurricane with a lot of rain and wind — can be perfection.

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  2. Love seeing your sketches, Marilyn.


    • Thank you! I got a ton of supplies for my birthday. Now I have to live up to all these colors and papers and pencils and gee whiz! It’s kind of exciting, but also a bit daunting. On the up side, I’m actually having fun — EVEN when it doesn’t come out quite the way I intended.

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  3. This is a lovely one!


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