I wanted to try something a bit more ambitious and I also really wanted to draw that bridge. It came out well enough, but I think I can do better. The problem is materials. Filling in all that water will use up a huge amount of color, so I need to “suggest” the river, but not fill the page with it. I think I did more river than I needed in this and it made the leaves on the ends of the branches hard to see. So next time…

Stone bridge over the Blackstone River and Canal in Uxbridge
This one’s a little brighter. I wasn’t sure if I liked it better or not

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  1. I’m so impressed by how you’ve come on in your sketching! Personally I prefer the lighter version 🙂


    • It was a hard call to make. The actual picture is in the middle — not as dark as the darker one or as light as the other. I’m beginning to figure out what I can do — and also what I can’t. I don’t think portraiture will be my thing, but I’m pretty good with plants and birds — but not dogs or cats or horses and I have a serious problem with hands and feet. I am beginning to make small attempts at water and sky but i think I’ll have to move to water color for a lot of that. Pencils are hard when you are doing a large area.

      One step at a time!


  2. You have become quite the accomplished sketcher, Marilyn.


    • I’m working on it. I’m also figuring out what I’m good at. So far, mainly plants and birds. I can do dog’s faces, but I can’t do the whole animal. I have issues with feet and paws. It really is fun, though. You never know what you can do until you decide to really give it a wholehearted try. I’ve done some sketching before, but I never worked at it. This time, I’m actually putting effort into it and surprise! The effort made the difference.

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  3. I like it, Marilyn. The lighter one works very well for me.


    • There seems to be more votes on the lighter one. That’s probably closer to what it really looks like, though i think it falls sort of in the middle. It would help if I had a light of some kind. That would solve a lot of photography problems.

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  4. Wow — you’re really doing well with these!


    • Thank you. it turns out trying hard makes a difference. I could always draw a little, though it was more ‘elaborate doodles’ than real drawing. This time, I decided to throw myself into it. And apparently, that made the difference.


  5. Well Marilyn, I cant see it as you know I’m blind, so cant see it to say how good it is, but well, you put effort into it, and you should be proud of it! ❤ xoxo


    • I wish there was some way I could send pictures directly to your brain. My husband is very deaf — even with an implanted cochlear device so I’m used to dealing with communication issues. Were you always blind or did this come from some later-in-life source? Ignore me if I’m being too nosy. I am very interested in how thing happen and how people manage their issues, especially hearing and sight.

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