CFFC: Bridges

What a perfectly timed subject! I have a whole new set pf pictures taken yesterday of “our” bridge. Of course everyone in Uxbridge considers it “their” bridge. It’s that kind of bridge. Plus, other Blackstone Valley bridges, most of them crossing the Blackstone River, but a few going over the Mumford River.

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  1. I had a sneaky suspicion that you would show us some fantastic bridges….and I was right. 😀 😀

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    • Thanks Cee. If you take pictures and live around here, the bridges are everywhere because the cross the river as it twists and turns in the valley. The Blackstone River runs through almost every town and where it doesn’t go, the Mumford runs. We always remember how important bridge are when one of them fails and is closed until tjey finish rebuilding it. Sometimes, you really can’t GET there from here — without a boat!

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      • “Six Bridges To Cross” (’55/UI) Tony Curtis, Julia Adams, Sal Mineo*, Jay C. Flippen. (“Brink’s” flix)

        * Mineo’s debut film.


  2. I love bridges


  3. Well Marilyn, it sounds cool! And is it spring there in new england yet? Is there snow still on the ground?


    • Indeed, it’s spring. Early spring, but I’m seeing buds and presumably, flowers will follow. Until yesterday we still had snow but it got quite warm and the sun was out, so all the rest of the snow melted. I’m hoping that’s the last of it for this year.


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