FOTD – March 18 – Winter trees by the Blackstone

I finally processed most of the pictures I liked well enough to post. And just to make life ever more perfect, my computer went bonkers yesterday. I had to do some major cleaning up of both hard drives and also backed up everything that wasn’t already backed up.

It seems to have repaired itself overnight. It often does that. I turn it off, pull the plug, and let it too a cold reboot the next day, a lot of problems disappear. I have to start thinking about getting a new computer. I’m not thrilled about spending the money OR getting a new computer. I hate new computers..

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Marilyn! It’s a wonderful wave goodbye to winter and the budding trees give hope! Rivers are special to me.


  2. I can almost hear my barbie sizzling.
    Nice shots indeed.


    • There are barbecues (charcoal) along the river and the canal as well as picnic tables. They were put in during the past two years along with improved pathways. Before that it was bring your own barbie — and chairs and maybe a table. We got a LOT of rain (finally) this past year and unfortunately, it washed away a lot of the improvements — like the steps leading down to the barbecues and tables. It hasn’t stopped anyone yet. Tread carefully, but unless you are me, most people can manage and the kids don’t care. They just scramble on down. I like the barbecue on our deck. no scrambling required. AND we get to eat inside where the flies and yellow jackets aren’t. I have a strong preference for NOT munching on bugs with lunch.


  3. That’s a beautiful area. I love new computers 🙂


    • I like them AFTER I get them organized. I just hate having to reinstall everything — and until I get it organized, I really hate not being able to find stuff. I know it’s there but where? I also think expensive computers should last a lot longer than they do!

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  4. Are you a windows or mac user? I have both. I rarely use my mac, though. I keep saying I’m going to learn it.


    • I also have both, but like you, my Mac is used mostly when we are traveling because it’s light. I don’t really understand the Mac very well and it doesn’t have enough oomph to use it with Photoshop. That gives it a very limited degree of usefulness to me — but it’s light and I can more easily tote it around.

      I’m probably never going to get a really powerful Mac because the prices are way beyond my means — and for the most part, I’m pretty comfortable with windows.


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