When I finished the Goldfinch, it was still barely time for coffee, so I decided to get brave and try something bigger and more complicated. I have to be careful to not get excessively complicated. Just to jack up the pressure, I decided to use the really expensive paper. Not the MOST expensive paper, but close.

I found a picture of Garry’s from some Autumns ago. We took a lot of pictures in and around the very old graveyard in the middle of town, right across from the dam. It was a late Autumn day. Pretty warm for late October. The sun was shining. We had cameras and got great pictures.

The one technical issue I ran into is that I wanted a field to look as if there were leaves on it, but I didn’t want those leaves to dominate the picture. I think I did something cool by making the ground looks like it’s covered with leaves, but the leaves don’t steal the show.

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  1. That’s really effective – so autumnal and slightly mysterious!


    • I love autumn colors — and I love that cemetery. It’s more than 300 years old and predates the Revolution by more than 100 years. It is full of the ghosts of history — and it’s a great place to take pictures.


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