FOTD – March 20 – Almost spring yet dreaming of Fall

It could be because fall brings our best weather, but I think it’s the colors that enchant me. The warm orange, red, pumpkin, and yellow. The wonderful color shifts as a green leave turns scarlet then gently slides into yellow. The colors of gourds and pumpkins.

The shining canal is covered with fallen leaves. It’s all about the light — and those colors!

New England has always been the best place to see Autumn. On a good year when we don’t have hurricanes, torrential rains, or early snows, we get a few weeks of weather perfection. The Blackstone Valley is one of the great places for leafing. Long before I lived here, we used to drive up from New York to this valley to see the changing leaves.

Stone bridge over the river and canal in Autumn

And so, taking a momentary break from blooming crocuses — the rest of our “missing crocus” have turned up where they belong, so now we have two sets in the garden and on the ground in front of the garden wall — I’m remember the river and canal in October. But first? Let’s have spring!

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  1. Sorry Marilyn. Completely focused on Spring now.
    Winter doesn’t make an exit around here though without a
    couple of snowy goodbyes.

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  2. Autumn is my favorite time. But yes, hello Spring! It’s been my dream for years to visit New England; particularly in Autumn. Why haven’t I when I’ve been to the entire rest of our country? I really must make it reality! Your pictures are amazing.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!

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