I got a message from the Mass Audubon group pointing out signs of spring. It isn’t actually spring here yet. Our real spring starts the 27th of March because we are in that zone. But still, there are signs and portents.

We have not one, but two clumps of crocuses this year. The new one, which is a different and lighter shade of blue that the older one which is both darker and closer to purple than blue — with inevitably at least one white flower in the group and every few years, a bright yellow one appears. There are green shoots where the daffodils will bloom and many green shoots — just a couple of inches tall — where many daylilies will flower.

There are baby Goldfinches on the feeders. The Cardinal is giving his mating call. “Come out all your pretty girls! See how red I am? Admire my beauty because I’m ready! Let’s make EGGS!” Unfortunately the cowbirds are also back and just after we saw the last of the grackles.

So the signs are here, but spring isn’t. It’s still late winter in the valley. The weather is pretty nice outside. Not as warm as we were promised — lower by at least 10 degrees than the forecast — but still, not bitterly cold either. And it isn’t precipitating — not rain, not snow.


What very common thing have you never done?

You know, I can’t say? Because for one thing, I’m not sure what is common and what’s not. I’ve certainly done a little of everything at one time or another and a lot of some things that weren’t common but worked for me. So I don’t have an answer. I think I’ve done most common things and a bunch of not-so-common things and if I missed something, tell me what it was and I’ll try to make sure I do it. Soon because I’m not getting any younger.

Are we morally obligated to be charitable, if we have the means to?

If you are a Jew, absolutely yes. Not only are you morally obligated to be charitable — EVEN if you don’t have much in the way of means, but you are morally obligated to do it anonymously if possible and if that isn’t possible, then at least very quietly. Bragging about charity takes points off your score.

God — at least ours — doesn’t care for people who give because it makes them feel important.

What is the most amazing fact you know?

Right now, the amazing stuff is nothing to brag about. Our inability to live with neighbors without fighting. Our failure to understand that all humans ARE human and no one is better or worse because of their ethnicity, religion, color, or private sexuality. After all these years, its amazing and appalling that we have not learned to be any better than we are. It’s also demoralizing.

What’s your favorite sandwich and why?

Roast beef, cold, on a bulky roll with just a hint of mayonnaise OR a hot meatball sub, heavy on the sauce and lots of cheese. Either or both are fine. Why NOT?


Flowers are blooming and my orchids are covered with buds. And soon, there will be flowers.

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  1. I love the purple flowers. Everything from light blue through to purple are my favourite flower colours.


  2. I love a meatball sub too! Yummy! ❤


  3. Thanks Marilyn for persevering and posting this SYW. I know it can be a trial. Those photos are gorgeous and gave me a thrill of Springtime (which it sort of is here I think). The birds in the wetlands east of me are certainly ‘talking’ (calling) and the little ‘house’ birds (wrens or LBBs) were squabbling over nesting rights in the hedge next door. My carnations are coming back, but I won’t see blooms until mid May or even June. It’s a chilly Spring here so far. I’m going to buy some more crocus bulbs and the giant lilies of the valley that were planted around my yard tree and stand guard that some over-zealous HOA worker doesn’t pull them up. They did my old ones dang it. I agree that the joy of giving anonymously outweighs a public one. I’m sure both are appreciated, but for myself? I’d rather feel the blessings of doing that, than shout about it. Your sandwich choices are great…do you ever pair some really good Cheddar with your roast beef? Or some red onion? I have had that combination and it was very good indeed! 😛 What’s not to enjoy about flowers? At least those haven’t been sullied and are free to look at and admire, and uplift the soul. Thank you again for sharing yours! 🙂


    • I do put a LOT of cheese on the hot meatball sub, but not on the cold one. On the other hand, I’ll sit down and just eat cheddar until I run out of it.

      I’m sure that all charity is appreciated, but our particular god has a scorecard and you get demerits for bragging.


  4. What you’ve said about the philosophy of giving without bragging, quietly is the same for Muslims too. And it is obligatory for us to give.


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