I have a series of photographs taken in this very old graveyard in the middle of Uxbridge. All the pictures were taken in the fall, probably because that’s when we take a lot of pictures and there are many old trees there. The stones themselves are a history of the valley. Old gravestones can be amusing and historically interesting. You also meet a lot of photographers and historians in cemeteries.

Considering the age of this particular cemetery, you think there might be ghosts?

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  1. This is a perfect picture for Halloween.


  2. I love thie — and I love that you are branching out and adding to your photos!


    • Deep in my heart, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I think this is as close as I’m going to get. I added the ghosts as an after thought. First the little guy, then bigger one. I was surprised it came out so well. VERY surprised.

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      • This one’s great — keep working at it — maybe scan a sketch and play with the scanned copy rather than the original, to begin with, until you have built some confidence ~ ~ ~ You’re doing super well with the drawings!


        • I’m getting better at things I couldn’t do at all a month ago. There are a lot of technical questions I still need answers — things like fixatives to keep pencil drawings from smearing or fading. How does one mount a pencil sketch? Special paper? Personally, I think I could make some good-looking tee shirts. Or greeting cards — but I can’t draw a heart to save my life 🐱‍💻


  3. I really like that one~! Now is there a good story to go with it~? Or maybe even a good poem.


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