FOTD – March 27 – Orchid Buds

Two out of my three orchids are full of buds. One is about a month ahead of the other, but with a little bit of luck, it will mean the flowering will seem to last longer because they will flower in sequence. They are (finally) on time. Gotten for Garry’s birthday two years running and last year, for me on my birthday, they have always bloomed in March and/or April.

Once they bloom, they will continue flowering for months and often they bloom a second time a few months later. This year, they missed the extra blooming, but they are right on time for spring.

Once they begin to flower, orchids are hardy. The most difficult part of growing them is not overwatering them, feeding them orchid food when they start to wake up, and waiting longer until finally, you see buds.

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  1. So impressed. Apartment living killed my orchids. But my anthuriums/ glowing!!!!!! Cheers,H

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    • It’s all about the right light. I have one northeast-facing window — well French doors, anyway — in the dining room and what used to be our big dining room table is pushed against the doors and all the plants are on it. There are no other usable windows with the same light except the kitchen, the bathrooms, and our bedroom. I keep the shades down in the bedroom because I don’t want a blast of sunlight in my eyes when I’m trying to wake up — and the bathrooms are already too cluttered.

      I think I’ve filled every possible space on the table but who knows? Maybe I’ll find a way to make more room.

      Anthurium seem to grow ANYWHERE you put them. It’s the only flower I’ve ever had that is in continuous bloom.

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      • Unfortunately, my apartment has very minimum light. Also keeping it cat-friendly is a challenge. The anthuriums have been relocated to a window ledge so they get full sun, west-facing light however. Damn plants! Cheers,H

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  2. I bet they are beautiful marilyn and I hope you enjoy them when they bloom!

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  3. Oh, those will be beautiful when in bloom, Marilyn!


    • I’m counting on it. Normally, they would have bloom a few months ago and be ready to bloom again, but disturbing the root system slows them down. Finally! I think orchids are always beautiful, but mine are all white and I like that.

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