CMMC – March Alphabet Letter D at the beginning or end of a word

My right hand and I have an agreement. I won’t do anything to strain it and it won’t keep going numb or, alternatively, throbbing. I can’t draw. I most particularly can’t draw. Even handling a camera is dicey because it’s hard to get a grip on it with the brace on my right hand. Good thing I have some new photographs, eh? And finally realized I actually do have pictures that begin or end with a D.

River Bend
The Duke
Blue Bird
Photo: Garry Armstrong – The Blizzard!
A Drawing

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  1. awww! Great marilyn!
    Hope your hand feels better, your arm, I mean?


  2. Oh Marilyn, you have some wonderful D’s for this week. 😀 😀


    • Thank you! It took me long enough. I knew I had more pictures from River Bend — B-e-n-d — wait a minute! There’s a final D there! After I got rolling, all the stuff I couldn’t remember came bubbling up.


  3. So sorry that your hand is sore! Very frustrating too!


  4. Oh dear, Marilyn, I’m sorry to hear about your hand. Did you strain it with so much drawing? My mom strained her shoulder by doing to much knitting a while ago. So frustrating for her.


    • Yes. Especially pencils put a lot of stress on ones hands and I did a lot pretty quickly. AND when it started to get sore, I ignored it, so it got worse. Now it’s pretty bad. It will get better if I just leave it alone long enough to heal. There is absolutely nothing else to do but let it rest. My mother used to get sore hands from sewing and hooking rugs — AND knitting. She was very handy and hated having to wait while the soreness went away.

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