They are babies. You can tell because when you look at the photographs closely, you can actually see the baby feathers poking up on their heads and usually on their breasts, too. They grow from babyhood to adult in just weeks. They are born in early December and are able to fly from Ontario to New England when they are still tiny.

A House Finch and an incoming Goldfinch

When they arrive, they don’t have their coloring yet. No black cap or face mask and all those pointy little baby feather sticking up here and there. This year, we have a lot of Goldfinches. Last year, I saw very few of them, but this year, we have crowds of them.

And my version of Goldfinches

I might mention that most of the pictures in the gallery were taken on a very dark day in pouring rain. It looked like night for most of the day. It’s going to be the same way tomorrow.

Note to self: Spring is coming. Really. It is.

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  1. they sound so lovely!
    And yes, spring is coming, I hope! Xx


  2. What pretty little birds!


  3. The Goldfinches are adorable, Marilyn. Spring is coming for you, hold on to that thought.


    • When it gets this close, we all get restless. The buds are showing on all the maple trees. There’s pollen in the air. Shoots for daylilies, columbine, daffodils and rhododendrons are big and plump. We just need a week of weather when it doesn’t freeze at night.

      With all the craziness of climate change, this is completely normal for New England. Spring isn’t really a season here. We have this cold/warm/cold/warm weather sometimes through a could portion of April. Every now and again, it’s still cold in June.

      Then again, sometimes it gets steamy hot in early April. We have very unpredictable weather made by the changing winds and water, even MORE unpredictable.

      My guess? Spring will show up at the beginning of May, last for four hours between breakfast and lunch and by mid afternoon, it will be summer. We don’t get spring. We get winter, winter, winter, one morning of spring, than summer until the end of August. Short, hot, humid summer, a long cold end of winter which passes for spring, and if we are very lucky, a month or even five or six weeks of autumn.

      I’m not sure why people settled here. It wasn’t the great weather!

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      • I must admit, Marilyn, that South African weather is great. We have 9 months of summer, 2 months of winter and 1 months of cooler late Autumn or early spring weather. I know why people settled here. I hope the weather improves.


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