FOTD – March 29 – Sweet Violet

My mother loved the smell of violets, but I never saw a violet until we moved here. They grow wild here and most people consider them weeds. I love them. In May the entire backyard is covered with a combination of violets and dandelions — another weed I just love.

Violets in early May
There are folks who uproot the violets because they ruin the lawn. I think lawns are overrated
Violets and Dandelions

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11 replies

  1. Weeds, weeds, wonderful, weeds… Our lawn and fields are full of these beauties and you’ve captured the wonder indeed! ❤


  2. Your close up is marvelous 😀 😀


  3. A wonderful combination of colors!


  4. I love violets and dandelions too!


  5. I reminds me so of my mom too. I’ve not seen any violets for a while!


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