Yesterday, the bluebirds showed up. Not one or two of them, but at least half a dozen of them including some of the girls. They are a few shades lighter than the boys — more like a slate blue with an almost pink head and breast.

I was busy all day taking pictures — we have an amazing variety of birds visiting right now (it looks like a Disney movie, maybe Bambi)(minus Thumper) and a bunch of them are Bluebirds. They used to be common but they aren’t anymore. They are common here in these woods, but their range has been greatly limited by the felling of the woods.

In the second picture (above), the bluebird watches a bunch of baby Goldfinches who aren’t gold yet in the feeder. I think on the right, there’s a tiny chipmunk, too. There’s a lot of life out there!

Also, we spent at least half the day arranging to get our mice “deleted.” No poison and it isn’t because I’m feeling merciful to the mice. It’s because they eat poison then go and die in the walls giving the house that dead mouse smell. The house already smells like every food we’ve ever eaten — and Duke the dog — so I think dead mouse is a smell we can miss. No need for another delightful odor.

So this stuff makes the mice have a terrific (apparently painful yet non-lethal) belly ache. They then tell all the other mice to avoid this house (how?) because you get a terrible pain in your tiny little gut if you eat there — and they go an live in the neighbor’s house instead. Enjoy neighbors!

I took more than 200 pictures of the birds yesterday. After deleting all the ones that weren’t in focus and the ones that were too soft or too far left or right, I got it down to about 160 and a bit. So expect more bluebirds!

And be happy. Bluebirds are happiness birds, or so they say.

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  1. Magnificent. You must be a ‘bluebird charmer’ to have so many. They are very rare in these parts. Loved all you had to say about them. Now I’ll dream of seeing a glowing female in pink and slate blue with her nearly iridescent partner! Sorry to hear about your hand. Glad you are on the mend.


    • it was all about the suet. I have three kinds and they like all of it, but they REALLY love the stuff with dried mealworms in it. It has even brought back Robins which I’ve never had at the feeders. It also helps that we live in the woods and so do the birds and this state has been very good about preserving wildlife and so far, better than average at not cutting down every wooded area some developer wants.

      in other places in Massachusetts, they are breeding bluebirds because they are getting scarce. I always hope that the little bit i do will help make a difference.


  2. Amazing. Beautiful !!!
    What can I say?


    • Aren’t they magical little birds? Not only are they good luck, but that’s a color you can’t create with paint. It is almost iridescent. The only thing that sometimes has this color blue are certain turquoise stones.


  3. These are great pictures, Marilyn. What a lucky photographic opportunity for you. We also don’t poison rats [we get the ugly cousins] because of the owls that live in the bird sanctuary. That means rat traps which isn’t that much fun.


    • No, we don’t like traps either, but we use them too. The thing is that rodents are surprisingly smart and get very good at avoiding traps, so we are using food that will make their stomachs hurt and hopefully they will quickly learn that this isn’t a place to nest.

      That’s what we hope. I guess we’ll see how it works out.

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  4. I think the females, with their muted colors, are almost prettier than the male bluebirds.


    • I think they are all beautiful, but in the right light, the ladies glow pink and slate blue. When the sun shows right, they GLOW. Well, really, they both glow, just differently. Bluebirds are becoming scarce and are just this side of on the vanishing list. That we have so many is a very good sign. Great for us, but also very good for the birds.

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  5. You have some great captures — time to pull out the blue pencils!


    • I also have another 125 photographs waiting for me. I took the brace off my hand today and if I’m still functional tonight, I might be able to hold a pencil tomorrow. Blue is a great color and the color of a fully mature male bluebird is a color you can’t find except on a bluebird. It’s not exactly iridescent, but it almost is.

      We bought some special bluebird feed. Not only do the bluebirds love it, EVERYTHING loves it. I personally have not yet tasted it. Yet.

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      • Oh, dear — I remember, as a child learning to write, being told not to hold the pencil so tight. I’m sorry you’re having problems with your hand! Take care of it, so you can continue to draw!


        • I’ve spent all week in a brace. It still hurts. Not as much as it did, but it’s not quite ready and until it is, I’m letting it rest. It is really trying my patience. I have a lot of ideas and tons of really cool materials — and my hand won’t work right. Oof!


  6. These are so beautiful!


  7. Neat!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


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