I didn’t want to do it. I don’t like setting up new computers because not only is it a lot of work, but it takes weeks before it feels like “home.” My preference is that everything I buy should last forever, but that’s not the way it works anymore.

This (current older) computer can’t power through Photoshop. RAM isn’t its only problem. It’s got 16 GB which in a previous life would have powered through anything. Today, just as there is no such thing has having too many closets, you can’t have too much memory. Whatever you’ve got, Adobe will build a version of Photoshop that will suck your memory dry.

The new one isn’t one of the classy name brands. Not a Mac, Alien, or Dell. The prices on those machines are out of sight for me.

So what’s in this one?

It’s an LG with 15.6″ Full HD – 1920 x 1080, which is the same as my current model. It runs an Intel 11th Gen i7 – 1195G7 Processor with Intel Iris XE Graphic integrated in the processor. I would have preferred a dedicated graphics card, but new computers are integrating graphics with the processor and supposedly they work better. I hope so.

It has 32GB LPDDR4X 4266mhz RAM and a 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD. It should be fast.

2-USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, 2-USB-A 3.2 ports, a full-size HDMI port, a microSD card reader (which is completely useless because cameras still use full-size SDs), and a 3.5mm audio jack. It has military specs and only weighs 2.5 pounds. My current computer weighs close to six pounds. I sometimes think It’s trying to kill me. By the end of the day, I look at it, exhausted, and think: “I only have to lift it one more time.” I sometimes quit because I’m too tired to move it even once more time.

The frame on the new one is a full-metal magnesium alloy. I don’t toss my computer around, but they do slide off my lap to the floor or off small tables. It’s a floor with rugs, but still. it gets dropped occasionally. Also, I eat when there’s a computer nearby. Almost always there’s a computer nearby. Also, it has a bigger keyboard. Maybe I’ll be able to write something without more typos than correct words?

It has Windows 11 installed. This time because I’m not merely getting old — I AM old — I’m hiring our local computer guy to set it up. I have always done setups myself, but I’m tired. It’s time to pass the wand.

This older computer has been crashing, locking, or freezing so often I can’t even count. We have an unstable ISP and every time it glitches, my computer freezes. Usually is comes back on its own after a couple of minutes, but I have to reboot it several times after I work in Photoshop because Windows machines are not good about emptying the cache. This is a very old problem they have never fixed.

These days, every time I got up and go away for even a couple of minutes, it will have crashed by the time I get back. Worse, it locks while I am using and for some reason, usually right before I save.

Owen and I spent hours going over the available computers that had at least 24GB of memory, good graphics, and at least 1 TB of hard drive. I wasn’t going to get everything I wanted at a price I could manage, but this is close.

We have gone from poor to flat broke. I refused to use a credit card for this. I want it paid for and not lingering forever in the morass of credit debt. I’m in shock, but I’m not further in debt.

It was now or later. If I didn’t do it now, it was going to be a future emergency. I don’t make well-considered purchases in emergencies. All things considered, I got a good deal. What I need doesn’t come cheap. This cost almost the same thing ($20 less, actually) as the older computer.

Waiting won’t get me a better price either because as far as I can tell? Prices aren’t going down.

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  1. Windows 11? Brave Lady.
    First question to your computer guy?
    Can he strip off Windows 11 and install some variant of Unix i.e. Linux or Ubuntu. Not that I’m in anyway biased against Microsoft (chuckle).

    That way you stand a better chance of the damn thing working than trying to get Windows 11 to (a) not copy ever keystroke you make and fast line it into Microsoft (which won’t please your clients), (b) withstand even the most basic of cyber attack, and (c) not need updates every 5 minutes.

    As for your old one.
    Hope you don’t throw that one away as you could have changed to Linux (which would have sped up the system). Or ported in a external drive to hold and run your programs on, take over the routine operations, storing your work, leaving you with lot of lovely working space.

    Just guessing, but I bet the salesman didn’t mention anything about doing that.


  2. Reading those spec’s I’m getting computer envy 😂, my old faithful is i5 and around 2012 spec ! Yup, time to update


  3. Don’t hate, but I enjoy the process of getting to know my new computer, how some things are different but the same in many ways.


    • There was a time when I did enjoy it, but I’m tired. I just want stuff to work and I don’t want to be bothered working it out. An computer that’s all set up with your stuff is like that super comfortable recliner. The new one will get there. I just have to cope with the process. But really, I used to love this stuff.

      I got old.


  4. Just began looking at desktops myself and in shock! Guess I’ll stick to the laptop a bit longer even though it is falling apart.
    A tip about the SD cards, you can get the mini card with an adapter for the camera and it works well. I’m using one at the moment in the camera just to see and no problems. My Kindle uses the mini SD so I pulled that out and stuck it in an adapter that is made for cameras and began taking photos and they are coming out okay when inserted into the slot on the laptop. Now I just have to put the old one back in the camera if I can find it — dropped it a few days ago and it bounced on the carpet and disappeared. Fortunately only a couple of photos on it since I had already downloaded them to the computer. I hate Photoshop and have managed to hang onto Picasa3 by putting it on a disk before Google discontinued it. Don’t know why they got rid of it because it’s the easiest app I have ever tried for editing photos and I have edited a lot of them over the years.
    Good luck with your new toy. My laptop was automatically updated to Windows 11 a few months ago/ Wish I could say I can see the difference but I think it takes someone who knows more about what they are doing to notice the difference.


    • My problem with mini cars is that they are so small, I drop them and never see them again. They are too small and I’m a klutz.

      If I could get rid of Photoshop, I would. It’s a total memory hog and it has flaws in it that have been there since it ran on a pre-Windows PC. They never fix anything at Adobe. They are like WordPress. They just keep all their issues and push on so you can like it, or lump it.

      Garry’s computer was automatically updated to Windows 11 even though I told them NOT to update it. It doesn’t seem much different than 10 — it just has things in different place. But I believe the architecture is different and that’s why my computer could NOT be updated.

      Desktops are usually cheaper than laptops. But if you are dealing with photography or video, you need a lot of power and a lot of graphic backup. THAT is why our computers cost so much. Garry’s cost like $500. Mine costs almost three time that. But he doesn’t have 150,000 photos to deal with either.

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      • I love photography and at one time I was developing my photos in my bathroom, That was fun but in this apartment there is no room in the bathroom to turn around so had to stop that. I love black and white photos for the clarity that I can’t always get with the color, even printing some of them out on cloth for quilts. I want to make a quilt for each of my family members so it will take a few years to get them all done.

        I’ve been pricing new computers for a few years, since my laptop is falling apart and have found most of the desk tops are more expensive than the laptops. I am using a Lenovo Idea Pad now, but I sure do love Dell most of all. Almost to the point of abandoning all technology at the moment because it all crashes at the same time. My cell hangs me up every time I use it and I think I’ll try smoke signals before I get another computer. It is handy to have a place for all of my photos though. When I’m looking for just one of them and have to wade through the maze of photos that are saved in the cloud by date taken it’s even worse because I never remember when i took them. Always something to complain about when using a device that is smarter than I am. Had to get a new TV recently and looked for a “dumb” one so I wouldn’t have to worry about all those smart ones defeating my attempts to watch favorite shows. They don’t make dumb ones now so I had to buy a Fire TV. I can figure that out since I have the kindle but it’s difficult to switch from Fire to cable. I’m as old as Kentucky dirt so why can’t they make some of the old fashioned gadgets I know what to do with?


  5. I hope you have lots of fun using your new computer. Congratulations.


  6. I’m on the edge of buying a new one as well and dread the process


    • The surprise and pleasure of new technology has worn rather thin. Now, we need it to survive, so it costs more than we want to spend and it’s a pain in the butt to set it up. I’m trying to be a good sport about it and I’m doing reasonably well, but I didn’t want to buy it, didn’t want to spend the money, don’t want to have to move all my applications around — and I really didn’t have a choice. This computer has problems I can’t fix. I can’t update it which means that there’s not much point in spending a lot of time fixing it if it can’t be upgraded.

      I’m sure I’ll be glad I did it, but it was the most reluctant expensive purchase in recent memory.

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  7. Nope, prices are not going down. I hate buying a new computer because once you get one fixed the way you like it’s like a comfy pair of shoes. You don’t want to go to stiff, awkward new ones. But you don’t want to be unable to do the things you want either so in the end it has to happen. I should be good for a year or two with this one I hope but even this hangs sometimes. I blame Windows.


    • Yeah, but for once, there was an actual reason why they changed the operating system. This new one is supposed to be a lot less hackable and much more secure. At least that is what they are saying.

      This old computer was beginning to show signs of non-survival. Given that almost everything I do involves a computer, I was going to have to buy one. it was just a matter of how long before this one died. Frankly, I’m still in shock but if I bought it now, I could PAY for it. if I waited, it was going to wind up another credit purchase. I think I did as well as I could. I suppose I won’t know till I get the new one on the road. Deciding to let our computer guy do it instead of me as because even THINKING about a new setup was overwhelming. All my data is backed up. I’m just too tired to keep plugging away at this. I figured at least this single thing at least I could delegate.

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