FOWC with Fandango — Drawn

Normally, I do a lot of drawing, but right now, my right wrist and I have a deal whereby I leave it to rest and it doesn’t try to fall off my arm. Painful body parts have a way of winning arguments. You can’t out-think pain. If the pain is bad enough, it will always win.

Lacking an ability to draw at the moment, I thought this might be a good time to post the graveyard drawings. The top drawing was the most recent and the one on the bottom, directly above this, was the earliest.

All of these were drawn.

I like the last one best, the next two up almost as much, and the last two (top and immediately beneath it) I think I could do better — and probably will — when my hand agrees with my brain. Tune in, film at 11.

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  1. I especially like the ghosts!


    • They are my favorites and were my most spontaneous drawing. I had the whole picture done, but something was missing. I penciled in a little ghost. Then I added the big one behind him. I had not plans for him, but he triggered the idea of doing a graveyard series — which is why the vampire was next 😀 But the ghost somehow flows more.

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  2. I’m an admirer of both your photos and drawings.


  3. Fun. Love seeing your sketches and drawings.


    • Thank you SO much. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me.

      I took the brace off last night and decided to see how it goes today. Still a bit sore, but a lot better. So hopefully I’ll be able to do something soon — maybe tomorrow. I got a LOT of exciting new art supplies for my birthday. I’m itching to try them out.


      • It was just such a surprise when all of these sketches started showing up. You had never mentioned your artistic talent before.


        • I used to paint and draw when I was younger. After Owen was born, it was impossible to have an easel anywhere because he — or a cat or a dog — would knock it over. I took up photography. I hadn’t done any drawing in almost 50 years, so I wasn’t sure I could. I still can’t handle paints at all and there are a lot of mediums I haven’t even tried yet.

          I was never very talented, but I could draw some and paint a little bit. But you know, Owen was born and then I went back to work. Then Jeff, first husband, got cancer and I stopped piddling around and got serious about work because i suddenly realized I might not always have a man to support me. I just never got back to it until now. Kind of a longish break 😀

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